Yahoo Compromised by Malware Attack – Great Concern for All Users


As CNN has brought to light, over the past few days there has been a malware attack compromising Yahoo users by the thousands. The side effects can be truly devastating, given the fact that all Yahoo users who are connected to a network and have been violated in this manner can affect the network itself, as much as all the other devices that make use of the same network. Such breaking news can fluctuate the feeling of safety for the users of one of the giants in the world wide web.

Reports have set the first alarming infections back in the 30th of December and this makes concerns even more substantial and truth based. Of course, people responsible for the security of Yahoo have prompted to state that it is their top priority to identify any breaches and try to repair them at once. The whole mess has been set in motion by an ad that has been malicious and included the malware we refer to. Among the countries that were mainly affected, we find Great Britain, Romania and France. In contrast, we do not find any vulnerabilities in America (both North and Latin) or the Asia Pacific.

Despite the reassurements of Yahoo and all the rest of the leading companies in the web industry, we can’t help but feel disappointed and unprotected. So, one of the best things for every individual to proceed with is to subscribe to one of the top VPNs of the global marketplace. Only in this way can your online presence be empowered and made perfectly safe. It is something that we should all prioritize towards completing.