News Round Up: Xerox Photocopiers Altering Documents, Patent Filings Leak New Samsung Smartwatch Design, British Law Enforcement Now Using Special Army Software to Fight Crime


In what looks like an expose that could send panic waves across Xerox copier users, a German computer scientist by the name David Kriesel has discovered that Xerox copiers have been altering documents by themselves. The scientist discovered this after he copied a document with room dimensions only to realize that the original dimensions-21.11m- had changed into 14.13 m.

The error has been found to originate from a bug in the compressing technology whereby the compressor substitutes figures and numbers which look similar. Xerox will be patching up the bug in a few weeks though.

New Samsung smartwatch plans revealed

Samsung is building a next generation smartphone, it has now been revealed. While the company strived to keep this development private, the need to protect their intellectual property made it necessary to file patents in South Korea and the US. The patent filing is not under the direct control of Samsung, resulting in the expose.

The watch will feature a big flexible display, allowing it to wrap around a wearer’s wrist and a strap. The watch will also have a home key and back button, just like we see on a Samsung smartphone. The release dates and other details regarding the watch have not been revealed, however.

British lawkeepers now using army software to fight crime

British police will now use software developed by the military for use in Iraq for domestic war on crime. The software was designed by software engineers and computer scientists in the Royal Military Police to help the Iraqi Historic Allegations Team deal with their massive workload, especially when recording and updating human rights abuse cases.

The software will be used by the police to manage the ever-rising crime data on child abuse, hate crime and cybercrime. So there you have it now. Remember, we always urge you to take measures to avoid being a victim of cyber crime by getting a VPN connection. Stay safe online.