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Wirelayer Head Wirelayer Review   Indepth Information

Wirelayer is a relatively new VPN provider, making its baby steps in Canada back in 2007. Since then, the company has grown and the VPN options that it gets to offer have become truly remarkable. This has been the reason why we wanted to put its services to the test and see with our own eyes if Wirelayer lives up to the challenge of a great VPN provider. Throughout our Wirelayer review, we have focused not only on the ease of use and the abundance in services provided, but also in the affordability, the tech support and many other factors. So, hop on and let’s start unveiling the mystery of Wirelayer VPN!

Wirelayer and Pricing Details

Rather than having an all-inclusive plan, Wirelayer VPN has thought it best to differentiate the price rates, depending on the bandwidth usage available to use. So, we end up with several different plans to choose from (five in total). The light plan offers 50 GB and is offered at $5 per month, while the standard one includes 100 GB and is offered at $7 per month. The expanded plan is offered at $10 on a monthly basis, offering 250 GB. The advanced plan stretches out to $28 per month, but includes 500 GB every month. Last but not least, there is the power plan that is offered at $52 per month and allows you up to 1000 GB per month, which is more than enough! There are discounts for longer subscriptions, which is disappointing.

Pricing Wirelayer Wirelayer Review   Indepth Information

Such a plethora of plans might confuse people, although there is no other differentiation other than the bandwidth usage. As for the free trial that they offer, this is offered for seven days and you ought to subscribe to one of the plans first and choose a payment method before enjoying it. As you can assume, the free trial is non refundable and it can last up to seven days. The payment methods include MasterCard, Visa and PayPal. Of course there is room for improvement there.

Customers’ Care and Tech Support for Wirelayer

As we continue with our Wirelayer review, things are pretty straightforward. Of course, they favor online support and this is where they have placed whole their efforts in pleasing their customers. This means that you have got the opportunity to contact them online, by simply filling in a form that you find when pressing on the help option. The response you get is really prompt and thorough, as we have found it out to be. The people working there were happy to oblige and this is something really great looking forward to.

Customer Support Wirelayer Review   Indepth Information

However, apart from the online support, you can also send them an email at their headquarters in Canada or a Fax, since there is no phone number or any other alternative way to contact them. We should not forget to mention the blog and FAQ sections that can help out in many cases. Most VPN providers do not pay attention to their call centre, but a couple of more options for reaching out to the tech support or customers’ care would be nice.

Wirelayer and Special Features

Wirelayer has been impressive in what it can offer to the customers, regardless of the plan that they engage in. They make use of OpenVPN as their preferred security protocol, although PPTP is also an option. On the bright side, they offer both shared and dynamic IPs. There is exceptional compatibility with all OS and devices, including Windows and Linux, Mac and iOS, BlackBerry and Windows Phone, as well as Android. 128/4096 encryption and SOCKS through SSH tunnelling can lead to the most secured pathway for your data to remain untraceable.

Supported Systems Wirelayer Review   Indepth Information

This is state of the art technology and the latest news in the world of encryption, so we embrace their services on this sector. They own an offshore data centre in Panama and in this way they can offer DDoS protected network, as much as 24/7 monitoring of the servers. Additionally, they offer 99.9% uptime guarantee and the most thorough intrusion prevention system by IBM. Apart from the offshore servers in Panama, Wirelayer offers servers in Austria and Canada, UK and Iceland, Hong Kong and US, Sweden and France, as well as Switzerland. The diversity is not remarkable, but their goal is to increase their servers as a whole over time.

Wirelayer and Reliability

In our Wirelayer review, we have tested the VPN speed and reliability on various different devices and OS. Of course, there have been some minor glitches and problems with the connection. However, especially when we used the servers in Panama and the ones in the US, the speed and reliability have been impeccable. As for the plan, we used the expanded one in the free trial version. This is a decent plan for an Internet user with moderate or even more advanced use of the web.

The cases when we most frequently came up with problems in the connection and speed have been those of mobile devices running on Android. However, there might have been other problems getting in the way and having nothing to do with the VPN provider. Overall, the reliability of Wirelayer has been more than satisfactory.

Wirelayer and Bottom Line

Reaching towards the end, it is time that we came to our conclusion as to Wirelayer. This is certainly a VPN provider that values privacy and encryption a great deal and it is worth looking for such options on the market. However, the plans can confuse a lot of people and there is definitely the need to add some extra payment methods, for the convenience of customers. BitCoin would be great, for example!

The customers’ care is based on online support, which is fine by us but can be limiting for many other customers in need of something more personal. The features offered by Wirelayer are awesome and ensure that you are fully secured online and the connectivity has been more than decent as a whole. So, it is left for us to see how Wirelayer will grow over time, so as to gain reputation and add the things that it currently lacks.