How to Make a Windows Phone 8 Update for Featuring VPN support


Unblock Blocked Websites How to Make a Windows Phone 8 Update for Featuring VPN support

“Apollo Plus” is the update we have all been waiting for, in order to enable VPN support to mobile devices. It’s been a long time, practically since its infancy, since people requested such an update to occur.

Windows can take pride in being regarded as the Operational System of default for all devices and therefore not being able to support VPN in the original launch of Windows Phone 8 let many users down. What is more, people working in IT departments all over the planet found it hard to include Windows 8 on the infrastructure without any hesitation whatsoever.

Needless to state the irony, since Steve Ballmer originally criticized iPhone for not supporting all kinds of Exchange servers right from day one. In fact, he used to argue that with that severe flaw or lack of service iPhone could never belong to the corporate setup. Windows Phone 8 was surprisingly released on the market without such a fundamental piece lacking, as it seems.

Apart from enabling VPN support, “Apollo Plus” is said to include other fixes as well. For instance, fixes related to audio and the ability to have Wi Fi always facilitated for users.

Although nothing has been official so far, it is highly likely that the update will come to life during the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona. The Congress will take place from 25th to 28th of February 2013.