Windows Phone 8.1 Finally Supporting VPN! – One of the Various Changes Leaked Online


Windows Phone 8.1 or else known as “Blue” is not to be released anywhere before April and yet a lot of the treasured features of this smartphone have already been revealed. One of these features is no other than the VPN support, which highlights most eloquently the desire of Windows to be kept up to date with the ongoing efforts to enhance online security and fight off problems dealt with due to unsecured wi-fi hotspots and other online threats.

The information that has been leaked comes from a web developer who has been working on the project and has brought adequate proof of his credibility. So, we can say for sure that these features will be included in the upcoming release and will shake the world of Windows once more. Along with the VPN support, the users will now be able to enjoy the SD card installation, as well as the Universal apps. The last feature is the effort to combine both WinStore and WinPhone apps and get them from the same source.

The smartphone will also have the ability to enable the back button without terminating and app and you will have full controlling and monitoring options over the percentage of battery and storage used by each app. The default SMS will be open to alteration and additionally you will get far greater resemblance with Windows RT and its cool interface.

The awesome features do not end here, luckily for all the ambitious buyers of the phone. However, this is quite a taste before the actual feast that is about to be launched within the following months! Stay tuned for more!