European Parliament Public Wi-Fi Compromised by MITM Attack


People in Europe should not be feeling truly protected when it comes to their online privacy now, should they? Just a couple of days after the US has been proven to monitor the Embassies of Germany and Russia, here comes another strike in the online protection of data! Now in the European Parliament, one of the most glamorous and of course significant places within the continent, has been compromised.

Of course, the man-in-the-middle attack only took place in the public wi-fi of the EU Parliament in Strasbourg. Still, this is truly concerning if you get to think of what is discussed there on a daily basis and of who gets access to classified locations and files.

The public wi-fi has been shut down and the people in the IT department have been working night and day in an attempt to empower the security certificates and any other possible ways of controlling access and eliminating flaws and breaches in the security as a whole. At least 14 members of the EU Parliament have been thought to have been robbed of their login information (password and username), even though the actual damage is not identified yet. However, there is advice towards all the members to change their sensitive data as soon as possible.

Apparently, people in the EU have been trying to make things appear less important than they actually are and this practice is both common and understandable. After Edward Snowden’s revelations regarding the monitoring and attacks of NSA and GDCHQ towards EU offices and Belgacom, such breaking news is really breathtaking. Sit tight and see what happens next, always bearing in mind that you had better be safe than sorry. So, VPN is the ultimate weapon that you can use towards enhancing your safety.