Facebook-WhatsApp Deal Drawing Greater Attention to Cyber Security in India and the World


Emerging markets must have been the primary goal of Facebook, resulting in the recent deal with WhatsApp. Due to the significant lack of cyber security in India, one of those emerging markets, there is severe worrying about whether or not the specific deal will be beneficial or harmful to the masses on the long run. Internet penetration has been increasing rapidly over the past few years and will continue to do so. However, the awareness on online security and the skilfulness of the professionals dealing with such an issue are not that optimistic.

It is true that India alone has been affected gravely by online breaches of security and this has led to substantial concerns as to what the future holds for the industry and ecommerce, as well as governmental organizations and individuals with personal interests on the web. As the vice-president and tech savvy of Symantec, Shantanu Ghosh, most eloquently depicts the situations, it is now essential that India finds solid solutions against the most technologically advanced threats worldwide. The problem does not lie in theory any more, but it has come to life and it has been sharpening its claws for far too long to ignore.

Finances is another issue to consider, since India tends to spend far fewer bucks on IT security than Cert in the US and this can only make things worse. Without the proper funds and without the knowledge and expertise of the people studying in such fields, there is nothing to hope for, when it comes to IT security goals and trends. Of course, if things stay the same, sectors of the economy including telecoms and ecommerce, banks and IT services will be most vulnerable and will suffer from such lack of organization. So, immediate action should be taken, right here and right now!