Watch Youtube in China Promptly and Effectively


Youtube in China Watch Youtube in China Promptly and Effectively

China has been one of the most severely censored countries in the world, imposing limitations to all Internet users due to its strict policy. Both natives and foreigners are denied access to websites that are truly popular and well established online. Among such restrictions, we can find Youtube.

This website has been regarded as one of the top options on the web, since it is always ranked among the top places worldwide. The government is really strict when it comes to file and video sharing and thus most Internet users cannot gain access to Youtube in China even if they would love to.

Of course, China is not the only one to have blocked the content of Youtube, since Iran and Pakistan, Lybia and Turkey can take credit for doing that over the years. Some people have been trying to overcome such a barrier using Proxy IP and servers, but this has been proven to be unreliable and not so stable when it comes to speed.

However, you do not need to despair! There is something that you can do if you want to be kept on the safe side and enjoy the great content from Youtube regardless of your location.

VPN Can Come to Your Rescue

Every time you try to connect on the web, you receive an IP address that highlights your personal information, among which lies your location.

So, once you get to connect to Youtube, you are denied access and there is a message displayed informing you of the restriction that has been imposed to your country. The same can apply to offices and schools as well, if the IP addresses have been blocked from viewing Youtube.

The most solid solution for you to try out is to subscribe to a reliable VPN service provider. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and it establishes new rules to Internet surfing. Through such use, you can connect online and all your personal data will be fully encrypted right from the start.

From then on, you choose a server that is far away from China and you select it to be your server of preference. As a consequence, you will get an IP coming from the specific server and therefore you will appear to be connecting online in another country (US for example).

No more limitations for you due to your location! Just be careful, since Chinese government has been blocking the websites of some of the most suitable VPN providers worldwide.

Ideal VPN to Unblock Youtube while being in China

So, in order for you to bypass the obstacle of blocked access, you can choose to a VPN provider of great reliability and speed, download its application and connect to a foreign server.

Now, your Internet Service Provider will not be able to betray your residence. Since not all VPN providers can be equally good and useful, we can recommend using HideMyAss.

Throughout all the tests we have completed, HideMyAss has been proven to run smoothly, without any lagging and without any delays and tweaks in the speed and flow of the Internet. As for the price rates, it can be quite affordable for everyone to enjoy.