Learn How to Watch VH1 Outside US or Anywhere!


VH1 Learn How to Watch VH1 Outside US or Anywhere!

VH1 website is wonderful and includes a lot of great content from both MTV and VH1 channel. Luckily for those living within the US and unluckily for all the others, you cannot watch VH1 in any other part of the world. Or so it seems, without our little tip…

Well, the issue is related to censorship for all the other viewers outside US and leads to severe discomfort when you want to enjoy live streaming from VH1. Your IP address reveals your place of residence and thus you get two options. Either you go ahead with watching a local alternative of the website that will not include any of the streaming videos or go for US version.

However, when you get to visit the US version of VH1 you will be sent a message displaying that your area is not authorized to watch VH1. So, what is left to do in order to watch VH1 outside US is in fact substitute your IP address with a US IP.

Substitute Your IP and Watch VH1 Outside the US

There is nothing too difficult when it comes to dealing with substituting an IP address. First of all, you need to set up an account with a VPN provider. We prefer HideMyAss, since it is really good regarding its speed and response times, as well as its reliability. After having signed up, you will install the application either on your PC or on your MAC. From then on, you need to run the application and choose one of the US servers available there. A new IP address will now be yours to use and gain access to VH1.

What is more, VPN can help you watch other websites as well, apart from getting to watch VH1. Hulu or Netflix can be unblocked in the very same way. So, regardless of your actual location in the world, you can gain access to whichever website you feel like through a VPN connection.