Learn to Watch US Netflix in Israel – ZERO Tech Skills Required


Netflix in Isreal Learn to Watch US Netflix in Israel   ZERO Tech Skills Required

So, if you live in Israel you probably already know that access to US websites like Netflix, Hulu and Pandora is not available to you. This is unfortunate as the Netflix Library carries a huge array of great entertainment. Thankfully there is a way to gain access to the US Netflix in Israel.

When a user connects to Netflix the first thing that happens is the server checks your IP address. If you are based in Israel the server will tag you and give you a message saying that Netflix is not available in your country yet. The easiest way to get around this warning is to change your IP address to one located in the US. Changing your IP address couldn’t be easier and can be done with no particular technical skill.

Setting up VPN to watch Netflix in Isreal

Faking your IP address is as easy as downloading a piece of software, with the support from a VPN company. There are many VPN (Virtual Private Network) providers who are ready to sell you access to their US based servers, which will allow you to connect to Netflix as if you are in the US. The most popular and leader of these services is called HideMyAss Pro VPN.

HMA Pro VPN offers access to over 385 servers across 55 countries worldwide. The quality of service is top notch and setting up the service couldn’t be easier. Connection speed is the main factor to consider when choosing your VPN service to watch Israeli films (and of course whatever you want to) on Netflix and HMA Pro offers access to so many servers that connection speed very rarely lags.

Definitely HideMyAss isn’t the single option available to you, but is highly recommended based on many unbiased trials and tests. In case you’ve time explore further, you’ll be able to find a lot of great VPN service reviews here at AllOfVPN — check them out before you pick a VPN service for you. If you are more interested to jump right in then comparing best VPNs in the market at a glance is the way to go.

Signing up to Netflix in Israel

Because Netflix is not officially available in Israel you will need to sign up for a US Netflix account. This is pretty easy, really. Just connect to a US server using HideMyAss, or any of the top VPN service provider you have an account with and enter a fake US address. The address doesn’t matter but try to use a legitimate zip code, 90210 is always good. If you have trouble with the credit card payment you can buy a gift card for Netflix or you can buy it on eBay or anywhere, with ease. That’s it, we’re done.

We hope after going through with this post you’ll easily unblock US Netflix from Israel. Please feel free to connect with us in the comments section or on social media!