Learn How to Watch US Netflix in Asia


Netflix in Asia Learn How to Watch US Netflix in Asia

There are many Asians who want to enjoy Netflix, as well as tourists from the US that do not wish to be left out from their favorite shows and series online. However, due to limitations related to their location, they are unable to do so. After all, Netflix is only licensed for viewing within the US (even though there are also versions for Canada and Latin America already running with much less content). In order for all these people to bypass their difficulties and get to enjoy Netflix in Asia, they need something truly effective yet simple in use.

Fortunately enough, we have got what it takes for you to enjoy great content from Netflix in any part of Asia you might be located. In fact, the process is really plain and simple, holding no actual difficulty whatsoever throughout the downloading, installation or streaming.

VPN Against Censorship

Netflix is restricted for viewing due to multiple agreements with other channels throughout Asia and as a result every time you get to connect online you are presented with an error message and the information that you cannot watch such content from your specific location. However, through the use of VPN you can overcome such a barrier and get to watch Netflix in Asia. You simply make use of one server that is based on the US and therefore you substitute your Asian IP with an American one within moments.

From then on, your trouble is over. Most VPN providers are able to offer you more than a couple of US based servers so as to serve your needs. We can recommend HideMyAss VPN as being a truly reliable option for you, as we have identified during our trials.

Netflix Registration for Watching Netflix from Asia

In case you are not a holder of a Netflix account, you can still gain access to its content after registering to its services. You can do that either through the use of a US credit card or through Netflix free gift cards and other sources sold on eBay and right here by this supplier. Just make sure that you include some false personal information regarding your location during your registration on Netflix. You can use any name you feel like and imagine your address.

The only thing you need to make sure of is that you use a five digit zip code from the US. For instance, the code for Miami is 33122 and the code for Portland is 97205. Have your pick and enjoy watching Netflix while being in Asia, after following our suggestions concerning the use of VPN.

  • Quick Tip: You can take advantage of this method to watch Netflix on your Android device, iPad and iPhone too
  • Anyway that’s ALL you need to watch Netflix from Asia, actually no matter wherever in the world you’re. Hope you’ve awesome “Netflexing” sessions icon smile Learn How to Watch US Netflix in Asia