Learn Quickly How to Watch Syfy Outside US


Untitled 3 copy1 Learn Quickly How to Watch Syfy Outside US

Syfy.com is an online portal specially made for Science fiction lovers. It really is an awesome place to be in, but there’s an irritating fact associated with it and that is; you cannot steam complete episodes from Syfy, if you’re outside of the United States. Only the trailers are accessible except if you use the following technique that will provide you access to all of the complete episodes, from anyplace in the world.

When you try to watch one of the complete episodes from outside the USA you will be notified that “This content is currently unavailable”. Certainly, that statement is not totally true as the content is accessible to American users. The Syfy Network will identify your location through your IP address and that’s why you will see the above note. You will need an American IP address to solve this issue.

How to Mask Your Location and Access Syfy from Anyplace

Fortunately the solution to this issue is quite simple. All you need to do is connect to a VPN with a server based in the US and you will be able to watch Syfy.

Setting up a VPN is very easy. All you require is an account with a Virtual Private Network provider. We-at All OfVPN prefer to use HideMyAss! Pro because they have great speeds for streaming in among other benefits. After signing up for an account, just install their app for either Mac or PC and then choose a server from the US then simply click connect. Wait for 5 to 10 seconds and the connection indicator will turn to green displaying your new US IP address. At this point simply reload the Syfy internet site and rather the annoying audio message you heard before you will watch complete episodes streaming.

That is all it takes. It truly is worth mentioning that this technique will work not only with Syfy but also any other US only internet site implementing Geo restrictions because that appears to be the practice these days. In addition to the capability to bypass US only content, you can also enjoy an encrypted data connection which makes it impossible for hackers to crack your computer system, when linked to insecure Wi-Fi networks.