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Watch NHL 1 Watch NHL Outside US, Anywhere Worldwide!

NHL, standing for National Hockey League, was established back in 1917 and is now celebrating its 95th season. However, due to a dispute between NHL and its players’ association (aka NHLPA), we did not have the athletic event rolling till January 19th, 2013.

48 different matches were held during the hockey championship, consisting of numerous well-organized and worthy-to-be-mentioned teams: San Jose’s Sharks, Toronto’s Maple Leafs, Montreal’s Canadians, Detroit’s Red Wings are some of the fine examples of great teams that participated in the championship. Nonetheless, only 16 of these teams made it to the Stanley Cup playoffs.

As for the structure of the matches, the first team on the board gets to compete with the last one and the same applies for the other teams as well. For instance, Pittsburgh’s Penguins had to fight against New York’s Islanders and at the same time Chicago’s Blackhawk had to oppose to Minnesota’s Wild.

As for the semi-finals that were held soon after, Pittsburgh’s Penguins had to compete against Boston’s Bruins and Chicago’s Blackhawk fought against Los Angeles Kings. Boston and Chicago made it to the finals that will be taking place from June 12nd to June 19th. Of course, matches can be repeated if need be and so there are also the dates of June 22nd, 24th and 26th available. All these matches will be broadcasted live on NBC and CBC, the former being for the viewers in the USA and the latter for those in Canada.

watch NHL Watch NHL Outside US, Anywhere Worldwide!

The drawback is that unless you live somewhere in North America, you will experience great difficulty and at times impossibility while trying to gain access to either one of these channels. On the bright side though, regardless of the access limitations you might get every time you try to watch these channels online, there is a solution that does not require much effort or time on your behalf. That specific solution is; change your IP address.

Watch NHL finals 2013 – Dream Come True

All IP addresses reflect who you are and where you are connected from at any given time you are connected to a network online. What you should know is that IP addresses can change depending on the country where you connect from. As you can easily comprehend, it is imperative that you get an US IP address in order to be able to watch any American channel broadcasting, such as NBC.

Once you install a VPN service in your PC, you will be capable of acquiring your IP address. VPN is actually a software that can help you out in multiple ways:

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To Sum Up

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