Using DNS to Watch Netflix


Netflix Using DNS to Watch Netflix

DNS service can be used as an alternate to Virtual Private Network when unblocking Netflix. We at AllOfVPN have studied both services and can confidently tell you that unlike a VPN solution which affects all your Web traffic, the DNS option will simply intervene when traffic is related to Hulu, Netflix and other video sites which are supported by the service. The biggest advantage associated with the DNS solution is that it functions with virtually any device.

The drawback is that it only works with the services established by the DNS service and you will not obtain any of the additional advantages you stand to enjoy from a Virtual Private Network such as HideMyAss like anonymity, encrypted data, and privacy.

Three valuable major DNS services are Blockless $4.95, Unotelly $4.99-7.95, Unblock US $4.95.

The 1st service to apply the DNS tactic is Unblock U.S, although they all work pretty much in the same manner. By altering the DNS numbers on your device with the DNS by one of the providers, only requests going to Hulu, watch Netflix, and other video services will be sent through a clear proxy hosted in the United States. This means that all other internet sites you visit will work as usual. You’re able to choose any version of Netflix you desire to visit by switching to the country on the specific DNS provider’s site.

An advantage of using a DNS solution above Virtual Private Network is that it works with almost any device while Virtual Private Network isn’t supported by game consoles and TVs.

So what are the disadvantages to the DNS solution? It’s all dependent on your requirements, but let’s check out what you won’t get when selecting the DNS option over Virtual Private Network. By using a VPN such as HideMyAss Pro, you are able to unblock any internet site that uses Geo blocking which is far much more than the handful supported by DNS providers.

Moreover, you won’t get the additional security of VPN when you use your device on public Wi-Fi’s. These spots have become a haven for cyber criminals hacking sensitive data and passwords. Finally, you won’t have the advantage of anonymity and privacy that you get by using a VPN. This is a process which is in particular useful if you’re downloading torrents as you’ll mask your actual IP and location.

On the whole, a DNS solution is excellent if you are only concerned with unblocking Netflix. On the other hand, if you need the additional security and capability to unblock any internet site then a Virtual Private Network solution is much better. If you wish to opt for the VPN solution, we recommend HideMyAss VPN. Otherwise, Blockless, Unotelly, and Unblock US are all good options if you choose to get the DNS option.