How to Watch Hulu Plus on Apple TV outside US – Enjoying Every Moment


Hulu Plus on Apple TV How to Watch Hulu Plus on Apple TV outside US   Enjoying Every Moment

Hulu Plus is a great addition when it comes to online streaming and wonderful video watching and especially when it comes to your Apple TV. The sole downside in this option is the fact that Hulu Plus is not available for viewing outside US. Only US residents are fortunate enough to enjoy all the content that Hulu Plus is able to offer to them online. Wait, though! Are you sure that there is no way for somebody outside the US to change that fact and gain access to Hulu Plus on his Apple TV?

Well, we do not want to baffle you any more and so we are delighted to state that there IS a way! In fact, if you keep on reading you will come up with all the information allowing you to watch Hulu Plus on Apple TV outside US. We know that you are excited and so here we go!

How to Create a Hulu Plus Account

This is actually your number one priority and therefore you have to learn all the requirements for creating a Hulu Plus account worldwide. The first problem lies beneath your IP address. As we have stated above, you only gain access to Hulu Plus if you are a US resident. So, you have to change your IP address. Do not be impatient and just state the obvious, meaning that you cannot change your IP address for any reason. On the contrary, you CAN do it, provided that you make use of VPN.

We suggest using HideMyAss among the numerous VPN providers within your reach, as it is a truly trustworthy and highly efficient VPN provider. This is a cool feature that allows you to connect to the Internet after choosing any server you wish to. As you can imagine, you need to choose a US based server for getting an American IP address and thus access Hulu Plus.

After that, you have to register for getting a new account (of course, if you already have a Hulu Plus account, you can ignore this step). It is important that you remember that only US credit cards are accepted on Hulu Plus. If you do not have any, you can purchase a prepaid card from here. Finally, you insert all the information required and you are in!

Apple TV and What You Need to Do

Now that you have taken care of everything on Hulu Plus, you ought to change your location on Apple TV. Otherwise, Hulu Plus will not appear on your Apple TV and you will not have the chance to enjoy all that you have been labouring for. The second and trickiest issue has to do with the fact that Apple TV does not have built-in VPN and therefore you have to use a router. You share your VPN via your router and then connect your router with your Apple TV. As for the best router, we can recommend using Asus RT N-16. This is how you can access Hulu Plus on Apple TV worldwide! Apparently, you can use the same technique for accessing other websites as well (for instance Netflix).

This is all you need to do! We hope that you find our information practical and useful, as well as eye opening! We do feel that you will be getting the opportunity to enjoy wonderful online streaming on your Apple TV from Hulu Plus really soon! Have fun!