How to Watch House Of Cards Outside US


House of Cards How to Watch House Of Cards Outside US

Finally, Netflix has begun being involved in series productions and that is something truly worth mentioning. Through the popular platform, everyone can enjoy watching such wonderful series at the best quality. Given the feedback from ‘House of Cards’, which has recently been given the green light for a second season, everything has been running smoothly so far.

To be more specific, “House of Cards” is a story about a Democrat called Frank Underwood assisting his friend Garrett Walker to reach the position of the following US President. From then on, the latter will have to return the favor by turning the former into Secretary of State. Underwood becomes aware of the intention of Walker to break his promise and decides to seek revenge.

Even though at first sight there is nothing too authentic or eye catching about the whole storyline, the wonderful cast including Kevin Spacey and Robin Right along with David Fincher as one of the producers of the series have led to an outstanding feedback and great reviews.

The first season can be watched through Netflix since its launch on February 1st and that applies to all the subscribers living in the US.

What about people living in other places all over the world then?

You will have to substitute your current IP with another one coming from the United States if you want to fully enjoy watching Netflix. But how is that even possible? Well, in reality it is rather simple and has to do with the installation of a VPN, else stated as a Virtual Private Network.

A VPN is able to offer you quite a few wonderful services, such as:

  • Altering your IP address without any delay, making you able to navigate through web sites all over the world
  • Making your Internet connection as secured as possible, against all threats including hacking and identity theft
  • Surfing the web without risking to let go of your anonymity, for the best level of data protection


Since VPN providers can help you make the most out of your navigation through web sites all over the world, it goes without even saying that you need to consider getting such a form of thorough protection in order to benefit.