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Wasel Pro VPN is one of the latest additions in the global marketplace of VPN and has made quite an impression ever since its launch in 2012. The company behind all that is iElement BV, whose headquarters are in the Netherlands.

However, Wasel Pro VPN primarily aims at the Middle East and wants to dominate there before anything else. Its overall quality has been remarkable and there has been a unanimous vote of trust for the services provided. Still, since it is quite new on the market, we have tried out Wasel Pro VPN and we are pleased to display the findings of our Wasel Pro VPN review below. Let’s hit it!

Wasel Pro VPN and Pricing

The subscription of Wasel Pro VPN is pretty straightforward, since there is an all-inclusive plan for all Internet users who are interested in getting VPN. This is plain and simple, preventing any confusion emerging from the different plans available. You only decide as to the length of your subscription. In particular, the monthly fee is $9.99 and the three month plan adds to $27.00. From then on, the cost per month goes down and you can get the semi-annual plan at $50.00 and the yearly subscription at $90.00. Of course, this is not the cheapest VPN provider that we have seen, but it is still affordable.

Wasel Pro Prices Wasel Pro VPN Review   Speed, Freedom and Protection

When it comes to the payment methods, there is great flexibility. You can use any credit or debit card, as well as PayPal and Western Union, WebMoney, Google Play and Skrill etc. Generally, you can use any method that suits you the most without any discomfort and this is reassuring for your overall satisfaction. Still, the bad news is that the free trial of Wasel Pro VPN is only available for 10 minutes per day. If you cannot understand whether or not such an option is great for you (and how could you in just 10 minutes?), there is a 7 day full money refund guarantee.

Wasel Pro VPN and Customers’ Service

As we have stated above, Wasel Pro VPN values the Arabic world a great deal. So, the live chat is available in both English and Arabic and is open 24/7. Apart from that, there is an e-mail that you can use for your convenience and, if need be, you can contact the tech support via TeamViewer. What is more, you can find comprehensive responses in the FAQ section, as well as tutorials that can come in handy to you. Customers’ care is one of the strongest points for Wasel Pro VPN.

Details about Wasel Pro VPN Features

The network of servers is certainly growing as we speak for Wasel Pro VPN, but up till now there are servers located in eight countries (US and UK, France and Sweden, Germany and Turkey, Ukraine and Netherlands). There is definitely room for improvement and we are looking forward to that. When it comes to security protocols, Wasel Pro VPN offers OpenVPN and L2TP. Even if PPTP is more primitive as to its encryption, it would be great to add it as an option. Wasel Pro VPN is compatible with all OS and devices and the installation is truly simple and easy via the one click to connect setup.

Moving on, there is the option of two simultaneous devices using the same VPN and it can work wonders in case you need to have both your mobile device and your desktop running smoothly online. Families will also love that feature. All kinds of VoIP are embraced and this will also be a bonus for you to look for. Of course, unlimited bandwidth and speed are offered and they can make your online navigation pleasant and consistent. Last but not least, there is a no log policy and therefore you do not have to worry about the personal info of yours or your online habits being monitored.

Bottom Line for Wasel Pro VPN

As our Wasel Pro VPN review is coming to an end, we want to offer a synopsis as to what we have found. First of all, the cost is not pretty low when compared to other VPN providers. Still, it is inexpensive. However, the free trial is too limited with the 10 minutes per day and the money refund guarantee should be stretched from one week to a month. Its speed and bandwidth are quite impressive and there are no issues and interruptions obscuring the reliability of this VPN provider.

With the addition of other servers and with a more appealing trial option, Wasel Pro VPN will definitely rock the world of VPN in the near future! If it is not the best VPN in Middle East, it is certainly among the top options for anyone to enjoy!