A New VyprVPN server is now available in Toronto, Canada!


The Golden Frog recently added a new VPN server in Toronto, Canada. The said VPN server in Toronto can be availed not only by VpyrVPN protocols, but also for PPTP, Open VPN and L2PT/ IPsec.

What will I do in choosing server locations?

The new VPN server in Toronto will be automatically available to VyprVPN Desktops upon choosing a certain server location. On the other hand, if you are a VyprVPN Mobile user, you can choose the Toronto server location by simply logging out in your iOS or Android application and log in again. Meanwhile, for the customers who have set up their VyprVPN manually, kindly update your host name in the given link below.


VyprVPN is rapidly expanding its servers! Now, VyprVPN customers are also getting larger because the range of VyprVPn is getting wider. VyprVPN customers would now be able to have unlimited access on other servers in Toronto, Austin TX, Washington D.C., Los Angeles CA, Amsterdam, Paris, London, Frankfurt, and Hong Kong.

Golden Frog believes that putting up various high- performance severs in different places is a good strategy in expanding their ventures. Golden Frog plans to continue in adding server location at throughout the year.

VyprVPN can now be near to your location if you submit and vote for a new location at Golden Frog Ideas.