VyprVPN Review – Does VyprVPN Live up to the Hype?


VyprVPN Review VyprVPN Review   Does VyprVPN Live up to the Hype?

VyprVPN is owned by the Golden Frog Company. Golden Frog was founded in 1994 but started offering premium VPN services in 2010. Golden Frog will be known to many of you as the provider of one of the world’s most popular Usenet services; Giganews. Golden Frog are experts in privacy and their Tagline “Browse the internet, don’t let the internet browse you” suits them down to the ground.

VyprVPN is a good, feature rich VPN offering. For anyone interested in VPN services. We carried out our VyprVPN review in the last few months and here are our findings.


One of the best things about VyprVPN is that they offer free online file storage. When you buy a VyprVPN subscription you get access to an app called “Dump Truck” which you can download for iOS. The App gives you 5GB of free file storage, a great free offering with the VPN service.

Installation and Configuration

As with all of our reviews we started our VyperVPN review with the installation, the installation and configuration was pretty smooth. VyprVPN used to be only available through a manually configurable service. VyprVPN send you all the information you will need and if you have any problems with the installation there are many tutorials on their site which can help.

Even simpler is the new VyprVPN application that will allow you to access VPN routing very simply. You just need to install the app and away you go. The configuration options are excellent; you can change all of the settings from within the app, all are easily accessible and we found the application to be pretty clean and usable all round.

VyprVPN is available across windows mac and OS X applications. Golden frog says that a Linux version is on the way soon as well.

Cost of Subscription

VyprVPN offer two subscription services, which keeps things simple compared to a lot of other VPN companies. The Standard VPN package costs $9.99, this includes a single PPTP security protocol that has a 128 bit encryption. The VyprVPN Pro package is $14.99 a month and this includes the full package, with 128 and 256 bit encryption (160 bit and 256 bit for OpenVPN). There is a further cost of $5.00 per month for NAT security.

VyprVPN Review Prices VyprVPN Review   Does VyprVPN Live up to the Hype?

The risk free trial period is for 7 days, which is not bad but when we compared it with some of the other VPN’s we looked at it is a bit low. Many offer 30 day money back guarantees so 7 days is a bit stingy in our opinion.

Finally the payment options, so why in modern times do VyprVPN only accept credit cards! Not even PayPal? Come on guys get it together. All in All VyprVPN is well priced for the level of service they offer there are definitely better priced VPN services but VyprVPN is by no means the most expensive.

Speed Reliability and Bandwidth

The most important part of our VyprVPN review is the speed test; actually it’s the most important part of all our tests, We Love Speed! Our VPN speed test hit almost 70 % of the speed we got without any VPN service turned on. Usually a speed test on a VPN service will yield somewhere from 40-60% so this is an impressive result. One of the great things we found in our VyprVPN review is that VyprVPN allows unlimited bandwidth and usage. This is really quite impressive since most VPN services cap both!

From time to time we did find the speed drop off a little but we think this was due to the server being overloaded. Once we switched server the speed went back to normal. Also, we weren’t able to detect any DNS-leakage while evaluating VyprVPN at DNSLeaktest.com, which is great!

Server locations

It has more than 700 servers all around the world. At the time of writing this VyprVPN review, VyprVPN has servers in Canada (Toronto), Hong Kong, France (Paris), Denmark (Copenhagen), Germany (Frankfurt), Netherlands (Amsterdam), Moscow (Russia), Sweden (Stockholm), Switzerland (Zürich), U.S. (Austin, Los Angeles, Washington D.C.) and U.K. (London) and many more. Users are allowed for unlimited server switching so you should always be able to find one with low usage.

VyprVPN Review Server VyprVPN Review   Does VyprVPN Live up to the Hype?

VyprVPN’s setup is a little different to most other VPN companies. Most companies set up multiple serves at each location but VyprVPN has set up multiple clusters with each of their single server. This improves the user experience, allows more regular switching and reduces downtime on the server. VyprVPN has 200,000+ IP addresses available in 41 locations.

VyprVPN Customer Support

Customer support is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week, their sales support team is available for customers 24/7/365, even in holidays (before and after you become their customer) but there is no number you can call. Support is dealt with through email or support tickets, and now they’re offering live chat support, too – which is a great addition by VyprVPN. Our E-mails were answered pretty quickly but still, a phone number is missing, which could possible be annoying for many.

We didn’t have much success with the support ticket system, but then who ever does?

Issues and Problems

We got a few firewall problems but this is fairly common with VPN services in general. Once we reconfigured everything was fine again. The cost of subscription is pretty high but then the service is worth it so if you are looking for a quality VPN you are probably willing to pay a little bit more. The tutorials and general advice page are really good. The customer support could be improved a little bit though.

VyprVPN review Conclusion

We liked VyprVPN they provide a solid, high quality VPN and deliver on everything they promise. As mentioned the subscription cost is a bit high but you get what you pay for in this case! It’s a top-notch VPN service and will keep you browsing safely for a long time to come.

VyprVPN offers great speed and awesome mobile vpn apps for keeping you secure on the go and at home. If you love to go at a fast pace, this VPN service provider is simply ideal for you.

VyprVPN is well-worth for:

  • All of the Things That Need High Speed with Complete Security
  • High Defination Video Streaming
  • Secure Internet, Anywhere You May Go
  • Bittorrent/P2p
  • Skype
  • Secure Online Data Storage

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