VyprVPN Offering both Android and iOS Apps and Chameleon Security Protocol for Thorough Protection – How Does China React to That?


The Great Firewall of China has been preventing a lot of services from running smoothly and has been responsible for the overall problems caused in terms of liberty online. However, since the demand for free web services and experiences is growing stronger by the second in China, there are many VPN providers wanting to get their share of the pie. A lot of these VPN providers have been proven to be insufficient at the end of the day, but VyprVPN can do the trick and stand out on the market.

To be more specific, with the new security protocol called Chameleon, VyprVPN is able to scramble OpenVPN, which is already the most reliable and advanced security protocol to this day. In this way, the newcomer aims at ceasing penetration online and focuses on state of the art technology and thorough encryption for every Internet user. When compared with other VPN providers, we cannot help but stress out that there are similar options offered at an additional price.

A great thing about VyprVPN is the fact that it has got apps for both Android and iOS users and this is something totally worth looking into. Unlike most competitors that will require extra manual configuration on your behalf, VyprVPN ensures the best level of convenience at all times and without any prior knowledge required. So, along with thorough encryption we also note the remarkable simplicity and ease of use for mobile owners.

VyprVPN takes pride in having its own network of servers. So, their services do not depend on anyone else and this can add to the overall satisfaction of the customers and to the improvement of the reliability of VyprVPN altogether. Golden Frog is behind the VPN provider and this is a Swiss company with great knowledge and experience on the matter of online security, which makes the reliability level go even higher.

On the downside now, VyprVPN is not the most affordable VPN provider that you will ever come across and the speed and performance do not justify such high cost. So, unless the optimal level of encryption is your top priority and given the fact that a lot of users want to use VPN only for moderate purposes, VyprVPN might not be the ideal VPN provider to turn to. On the other hand, people who value their privacy a great deal and who wish to be kept anonymous and out of reach during their business contacts or financial transactions should reach out to such an option.