Golden Frog Introduces Free Trial Options for Businesses in VyprVPN


Golden Frog is the bearer of great news for all businesses out there, in search of great encryption plans for thorough online protection. In specific, VyprVPN has launched its free trial towards businesses that seek to find ways towards enhancing their overall online presence. Of course, the benefits of subscribing to VPN are already known to the public. So, adding to the individual plans that had the opportunity to be tested prior to the subscription, now businesses can have the same privilege put into effect.

VPN allows private interaction and smooth communication among employees and the clientele of the business, as well as file sharing and financial transaction without the slightest problem getting in the way. Even when using an unsecured wi-fi connection (which is rather frequent for business owners and their employers working remotely and trying to keep up with what is going on at the office or checking their emails), there is no threat causing concerns to you.

With the free trial, businesses will have the chance to test the overall speed that they get throughout their various online activities. All at once, they will evaluate the flexibility and ease of use of the plan. Finally, they will be able to contact the tech support for having their questions answered promptly. All that will add to the complete satisfaction of the businesses. They will eventually determine the expansion of the free trial and its transformation into a steady subscription (hopefully, of course!).

Besides the free trial for businesses, another great addition is Chameleon. This is a special feature offered to all VPN subscribers and overcoming the banning of VPN from countries, such as China or Turkey or even India. Its name most eloquently highlights its ability to mask itself and offer the best benefits possible.

These are all great advancements taking place in the field of VPN, towards improving the online services and the quality of the performance of the Internet in general!