Want to Watch Vudu in UK? Here You Go Then!


Watching Vudu in Uk Want to Watch Vudu in UK? Here You Go Then!

Vudu has a wide array of awesome material offered for streaming at an incredible level of quality. Unfortunately, the service is only accessible for streaming in US, so if you want to access Vudu in UK you have to use a little technique. The issue is that Vudu can very easily identify your location by viewing your IP address — a specific number that you’re assigned by your ISP. This specific number is required for your system to send and receive information when going online.

Change Your Location and Use Vudu in the UK

Therefore to be able to stream Vudu in the UK you have to make the site assume that you’re based in the US. You can easily do this by switching your IP address to an US one by linking to a VPN. The Virtual Private Network has the capacity to give you an IP address from a completely different country. A VPN server will basically work as a middleman between Vudu and you, making it impossible for Vudu to pinpoint your actual location.

There are plenty of VPNs on the market which can help you get a US IP address. At AllOfVPN we use the UK Company HideMyAss that has servers placed around the globe including the US. Just sign up for the services, install their app on your computer system and choose a server-based in the US and simply click connect. Hang on for 5 seconds. When the connection status turns to green, load the Vudu website and make an account. Use bogus US address details when signing up and then you’re ready to go.

It is possible for you to install Virtual Private Network on your computer system, iPhone, iPad and so forth. However, some devices like the TVs, Play station, Xbox etc. cannot connect to Virtual Private Network directly; you have to connect to Virtual Private Network from your router. Any device attached to the router will appear to be in the US. Not every router is able to do this, however the Asus RT N-16 is ideal for this.

If you want to watch Vudu in the UK, then this is the way to do it. The Virtual Private Network connection can be utilized for a good deal of other US-only sites also such as ABC and Hulu. Additionally, connecting to VPN in the US will also enable you to get American Netflix rather than the incredibly dull UK version.