VPN vs Proxy – The Final Verdict


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There has been increasingly high demand as to the full protection of each Internet user throughout his online navigation. This is, after all, the main reason why both proxies and VPN have been created in the first place. However similar their purpose of creation has been though, the two above mentioned sources of getting connected to the web are not identical. On the contrary, there are significant differences that we are about to display. After their analysis and their comparison, we will be able to reach some solid conclusion as to which the final verdict is when it comes to VPN vs Proxy.

Proxies – Pros and Cons

The Proxy is in some way the middle man standing between your own personal computer or any other device of your choosing and the web. You can get protection when attempting to connect to the Internet using a Proxy, but you will not be able to get encrypted navigation no matter how hard you try.

Apart from the protection offered when it comes to web pages, there is also the fact that proxies are either available for free or at truly low price rates compared to VPN. However, through the skilled use of Java or Flash your personal information can be brought to light. Another drawback is that of the need for full configuration prior to using the proxy server. That applies to HTTP proxies, since SOCKS can be a bit more versatile in use but appear to be quite slower and of course encounter the same problems with the lack of encryption.

VPN – Pros and Cons

VPN can do so much more than protecting your IP address and your personal information. You can make use of VPN in order to bypass geographical limitations in several websites and other applications. You can have your pick among numerous different VPN servers and get to enjoy the fast Internet any given time. Then, you can join other gamer from the US or Japan without any problem or lagging.

VPN is also able to offer you full confidentiality and anonymity at all times. On the downside now, the price is more expensive than the one applied to Proxies. When you get to compare VPN vs Proxy, another thing in which VPN is not proven superior is in fact the limited speed in certain times of rush hours. Finally, if VPN holds on to logs then there is the potential of handing them over to the authorities.

Summing up, both these options are meant to be used for online privacy and protection. However, we can do nothing else than recommend the use of VPN instead of the use of Proxy, for all the above stated reasons. We would suggest HideMyAss in particular, but below is a table for you featuring top 3 VPN providers well-worthy to pick.

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