Virtual Private Network – Shedding Light to Its Pros and Cons


48904 byodvirt 2brow64 Virtual Private Network   Shedding Light to Its Pros and Cons

Both individuals and businesses value privacy a great deal nowadays. Especially when it comes to the use of the web, there is always the need of establishing a protected line against any malicious software and other threat that might come along. This is the driving force that has made VPN so popular over time.

Particularly in the field of business, both smaller and larger businesses can take pride in establishing secure communication internationally and avoiding the cost and the less than perfect security level altogether. Cyber criminals attacking their sensitive data and compromising their contacting details can be truly intimidating for companies of all sorts and therefore every type of business is in search of ensuring top notch security and confidentiality at all times.

However, VPN is not limited to its benefits since in many cases there have been allegations of unethical manipulation and practices that have led to severe breaches of security, privacy and smooth operation. One striking example of malicious use on behalf of a VPN has been pointed out by the BBC. In specific, an IT developer had been taking advantage of his remotely controlled business and had been handing over his tasks to a Chinese firm from Shenyang with much lower price rates. So, he had been revealing sensitive information regarding the business he had been working for without their consent, of course.

Below, we will try to highlight some of the most important advantages and drawbacks in the field of Virtual Private Network. Hopefully, you will be able to see for yourself how you can make the most out of its use, whether you are an individual or a business owner.

Pros in VPN

  • Starting with the pros, of course we cannot help but pointing out the paramount importance of data encryption. Especially when you proceed with financial transactions online or you communicate with your business associates internationally and you do not want any leakage whatsoever, VPN can be your life saver. You can rest assured that none of the information will be intercepted due to such full encryption that enhances anonymity and confidentiality.
  • Furthermore, with the use of VPN you can lower the operational cost that has to do with communication. There is no need to lease any lines and there are no hidden charges concerning the contact among business members, even half the globe away from each other. You can minimize the expenses you have to pay, eliminating any international and long distance calls that make the phone bill grow bigger and bigger.
  • In mobile security, VPN is truly amazing. You can sigh with relief and go ahead with communicating with your partners online via your VPN. You should not fear of anything, due to the encryption as stated above. Another wonderful aspect of VPN is that it is remarkably flexible. This means that you can add any new members to the network in a blink of an eye and not face any problems in the process.

    Cons in VPN

  • When it comes to the setting up and the configuration regarding VPN, there might be the need to proceed with some complicated manual details. If you are not that familiar with computing, this can be baffling.
  • Sometimes, the reliability of the VPN is not determined only by what you have been paying for. There are outside factors that can lead to downtime and interruptions, crashes and less than perfect and smooth running web surfing for you. It can be disturbing not to be able to access your business partners due to lack of connectivity from your VPN.
  • If you want to use extra infrastructure, there might be two different issues that you will have to encounter. If you choose to go for the same VPN provider, the cost might go significantly up. If you choose to go for a different one though, there may be several incompatibility issues emerging along the way.

With all that being said, it goes without even questioning that VPN is a truly wonderful option that enhances your feeling of security while surfing the web. VPN can also help you out lower the cost for your business’s communications and can offer state of the art technology and equipment to be kept competitive on the market. Just make sure that you make prudent use of VPN and you take all the safety measures for avoiding any risk. VPN such as HideMyAss can be there by your side, of course!