VPN Protection For Web Surfing


VPN protection1 VPN Protection For Web Surfing

A lot of people surf on public WiFis without giving a thought to their online security and anonymity. Some people think that they do not need to stay anonymous online because they are upright citizens with nothing to hide. Well, you need to be protected online otherwise hackers will steal your financial information, and then it will be too late for you to realize that you indeed had something you needed to hide.

What VPN does is that it channels all your browsing information through a secure channel such that anyone outside that channel can’t access whatever is being carried in there. VPN originated from the need for companies to carry their data from remote offices securely after the discovery that dedicated phone lines which were the primary method of carrying this remote information were unsustainable high.

VPN is used today by people who are surfing on public WiFi, home users who want to access websites blocked based on geographical location and, unfortunately, by cyber criminals who do not want to be tracked.

Types of VPN available

There are many types of VPN that you can choose from. The basic VPN type is one that runs inside your browser. A good example of this is Cocoon. The major limitation with a browser based VPN is that it can only protect a browsing session. Any other internet applications are not protected so you are only partially secure.

The other type of VPN is free VPN based on an Open VPN format. These VPNs, for example Hot Shield, give you an all round protection. Unlike a browser based VPN, this type of VPN will protect all your internet activity. The limitation with this type of VPN is that you will have to suffer many ads that are directed at a free user. The only way to get rid of these annoying ads is by upgrading into a paid version of the VPN service.

The third type of VPN is the paid kind. This is a service where you buy a subscription for duration of time, typically a month or a year, and enjoy total protection. Paid VPN providers have many servers spread all over the world so that you can pick an IP address from any of the server host countries, great customer support and unlimited bandwidth.

However, the level of services will largely depend on the particular VPN provider. At AllOfVPN, we use VPN from a UK provider called HideMyAss Pro. They have over 250 servers spread all over the world in 55 countries and offer users over 53,000 unique IP addresses to pick from. They also have various security protocols that a user can choose to encrypt data depending on the sensitivity and nature of his internet use.

While VPN is very secure and anonymous, there are issues outlined in the terms and conditions that a particular VPN offers that subscribers have to stick to. These terms include the nature of activities that you engage in. You cannot, for example, use your VPN protection to send spam emails. You also need to know that some ISPs block VPN traffic. If you are sending too much traffic to a particular VPN server, your ISP might take notice and black out that server. This happens with free VPN services.

In our view, everybody who goes online needs to use a VPN connection. It is simply not enough to have antivirus software today, criminals have become sophisticated. If you do not want to hand over your financial details, for example to a criminal when surfing at your local Starbucks, get a VPN from a top providers and stay safe and hidden.