Learn How to Setup VPN on Apple TV


Learn to Setup VPN on Apple TV Learn How to Setup VPN on Apple TV

Apple has manufactured its DMR (Digital Media Receiver) which has been brought to the public as Apple TV. Its popularity has increased significantly and therefore we wish to help users enjoy such a wonderful device to its maximum potential. High definition films, shows and documentaries can be viewed from your Smart TV and all the state of the art video on demand channels can be enjoyed without fail.

All at once, iCloud and iTunes can help you go the extra mile and share photos and music pretty easily. This certainly sounds idyllic, doesn’t it? Well, what have we talked about? Yes, that’s right, there is ALWAYS a catch! So, which is the catch when it comes to enjoying Apple TV?

Well, for one thing there is an issue as to your exact location in the world. Wouldn’t it be frustrating to purchase Apple TV and the moment you reach out to Netflix to find out that you are not allowed to such content due to your physical presence? Stay with us and read all about how you can avoid such disappointing events.

Why Use VPN on Apple TV

As mentioned above, Netflix and a lot of other popular and well established online entertainment channels are only accessible to US residents. This means that unless you live in the States, you cannot enjoy all the content of the geographically limited websites that are available in the country. What a pity!

There is no room for proving that you are just an expat who has relocated due to his work or that you are simply a tourist travelling to Europe but with an active US Netflix account. The only proof that determines whether or not you will be approved the access to US restricted websites is your IP address. Of course, the same applies to UK geo-restricted content and so on.

You should not get disappointed due to such a lack of access from everywhere in the world. With the activation of VPN, such nightmares automatically vanish away. You can use of a US IP address through the connection to a US based server. So, if you aim at watching US Netflix, you simply need to choose an American based server and connect online. Top VPNs can offer you some wonderful solutions as to having a plethora of servers to make use of. Another great benefit coming from the use of VPN is the data encryption that enhances your smooth web surfing and your protection as a whole.

Given all this information, it comes as a great surprise the fact that Apple TV does not support VPN. Unlike most other iOS gadgets that include a built-in VPN port and support the use of VPN, Apple TV cannot live up to such a challenge. On the bright side though, there are two solutions for enabling VPN on your Apple TV.

1st Solution: Wi-Fi Routers

In order to put such an option into effect, you will first have to subscribe to one of the best VPN providers on the market. We recommend using HideMyAss, due to its great reliability and its top notch overall quality of services. Even though you can also use OpenDNS or Proxy as free solutions, you will not have the benefit of using a US IP address every time you want to. In addition, you will get poor quality, slow speed rates, interruptions and no data encryption at all.

Here you can have a look at our table listing three top VPN options to go for.

No. Provider Starting Price Trial / Days Read Review Visit Website
No 1 Learn How to Setup VPN on Apple TV HideMyAss Learn How to Setup VPN on Apple TV $11.52/month 30 days

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No 2 Learn How to Setup VPN on Apple TV ExpressVPN Learn How to Setup VPN on Apple TV $12.95/month 30 days

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No 3 Learn How to Setup VPN on Apple TV PureVPN 4 Learn How to Setup VPN on Apple TV $9.95/month 7 days

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After having made your decision about VPN, you need to purchase a router that can work for your connection. You will be able to configure everything promptly and efficiently. However, if you do run into any discomfort throughout the settings, you can get in touch with your VPN provider for further details. You can have a look at our guidelines on linking your router to HMA VPN for more in depth details.

When you have installed VPN on the router, link your Apple TV to your VPN router. Recheck your VPN configurations to ensure that there is a match of such (Router IP and DNS) between the DMR and the router. You do not want to encounter any connectivity issues now, do you?

2nd Solution: Ethernet

Alternatively, you can connect your Apple TV on your PC and use your computer as the source of sharing VPN. It goes without even questioning that you need to have established a VPN connection on your PC prior to moving forward to the next step.

Ethernet on Windows

  • “Control Panel” – “Network and Internet”- “Network and Sharing Centre”
  • “Manage Wireless Networks” – “Wireless Connection” – “Adapter Properties”
  • “Change Adapter Settings”
  • “Allow Additional Network Clients to Link via This PC Connection” (below Sharing Tab)

Ethernet on Mac OSX

  • “System Preferences” – “Sharing”
  • “Internet Sharing” and “Airport” (below “Share Your Connection from” area)
  • “To Computers Using” – “Ethernet”

Either solution you choose, you need to have a valid US account for accessing the respective online channels (for instance Netflix). If you do not currently own one, then you should check out our detailed instructions on getting US Netflix account outside US. Pay attention to the details and make sure that you enjoy your Apple TV at its peak! You deserve it! Have fun!