Get a Secure VPN for Wi-Fi security


VPN for WIFI Security Get a Secure VPN for Wi Fi security

Wireless Fidelity” or most commonly known as Wi-Fi is a technological advancement that is designed to achieve a wireless local area network. The introduction of Wi-Fi to the public has been very successful and it became very popular with everyone because it made the access in the internet much easier.

Because of Wi-Fi, the internet had become more flexible and more convenient to a lot of users especially today that a lot of gadgets such as laptops, tablets and smart phones are used for accessing the internet. Although the introduction of Wi-Fi had been a total convenience to a lot of users, it had also posed a great danger to users for there are criminal minds that may exploit it with ill intentions such as identity theft. Having this said, your now know that your Wi-Fi security may be in danger.

Considering that a lot of people today have made the internet a part of their everyday lives, it is easy for cyber criminals and hackers to target cyber crimes to a lot of users who are connecting in the internet via Wi-Fi.

The following discusses different facts and figures about Wi-Fi security, its importance and the danger that comes along with using it:

  • WEP, WPA and WPA2 are the three of the most common Wi-Fi encryption techniques. From the three, using a WEP will give you the least security; it gives cyber hackers the liberty to access your information in less than 5 minutes.
  • There are a lot of tools that can be used to exploit someone’s Wi-Fi networks that are available on the internet for free.
  • 89% of the estimated 100 million public Wi-Fi hotspot all around the world is unsecured.
  • Every day, almost 1 million people become victim of such cyber crimes.
  • Cyber crime losses cost about $388 billion in total while the Heroin, Marijuana and Cocaine market is only about $288.
  • Almost 77% of the people who used Wi-Fi hotspot for free have reported that they have experienced cyber crime.
  • Statistics revealed that over the last year, all the adults surveyed reported that they have experienced cyber crimes 3 times more than those cyber that isn’t internet related.
  • The first city in the US that offered a city-wide Wi-Fi network in the US is Sunnyvale, California.

Connecting via Wi-Fi to access on the internet is really a convenience. However, we still need to make sure that our Wi-Fi security is protected to keep us away from hackers and cyber criminals. For this, it is really a must to have a VPN connection. If you are already interested in having a VPN connection, do try HideMyAss VPN for the best Wi-Fi security.