What is VPN Connection? Helping You Understand VPN


VPN Connection What is VPN Connection? Helping You Understand VPN

VPN or Virtual Private Network is a method though which private networks are elongated by means of public networks like the world wide web. The effect that this elongation has is that any computer or internet enabled device that is connected to the VPN is able to send and receive data like it is part of the private network, even though the reality is that the computer is connected to the public network, the internet.

Types of VPN connections

The first type of VPN connection is site to site VPN which involves connection of a head office to the branches. The distinction of this type is that it allows all connected devices to become part of the network in such a way that the whole network is the main server. This type of VPN is also pretty much automatic in that is does not require constant human intervention.

The second type of VPN is the called remote access VPN and it is characterized by many unrelated users connected to a public network like the internet via the VPN provider’s client installed on their device. The remote access VPN model forms the largest part of VPN use in the world today. Individuals and businesses have found use for this type of VPN connection mainly because of the security and anonymity it allows.

There are many providers in the market for this type of service, each with their pricing, service and capabilities. For a completely secure and anonymous experience, we would suggest that you go with a top provider like HideMyAss.

What is VPN Connection used for?

The most common use of VPN was allowing people working from home to connect to their work servers, files and data bases. Setting up such a VPN requires the input of a technically skilled expert along with other requirements like firewalls for security.

Today, VPN is used to help surf the internet anonymously, escape the attention of tracking third parties when online, unblocking geo-blocked sites like Netflix outside the US, spying on a competitor without exposing your location among others. Getting a VPN connection for your individual or business use is very easy nowadays as you only need to settle on a top provider, pay for a subscription, download and install their software and connect.