Solutions for VPN after Liberty Reserve Shut Down


Liberty Reserve ShutDown Solutions for VPN after Liberty Reserve Shut Down

Liberty Reserve has been shut down and there are quite a few radical changes that have been made ever since. Since Liberty Reserve has been so simple and easy to complete and proceed with, many of the VPN users have been using such a payment method. However, after Liberty Reserve Shut Down, all of the customers using such a method have been left hanging and in search of a reliable substitute.

Money Laundering Accusations

Liberty Reserve was a great option for all Internet users and it has been making the whole process much easier and simpler for everyone to accomplish. On 24th May, one of the founders of Liberty Reserve was arrested under the accusation of money laundering. After the initial shock deriving from the halt of such a service, there has been great frustration about how to find the most reliable alternative in the field of online payments.

Apart from the scam related to money laundering, however, there were legitimate people who used Liberty Reserve and were now at a complete loss.

Solutions Following Liberty Reserve Shut Down

What needs to be determined for VPN after Liberty Reserve Shut Down is in fact which specific substitute can live up to the standards that had been initially set by Liberty Reserve. Internet users who wish to proceed with online payments and VPN subscription in particular are in search of a wonderful alternative. On the bright side though, there is a plethora of truly trustworthy and practical in use solutions.

Depending on the payment methods included within the VPN terms of use, you can have your pick among numerous different options. For instance, you can choose to make use of your Credit Card, your account in PayPal, WebMoney, Bitcoin and Perfect Money.

There are other choices for you to proceed with making, either online or more conventional. Even though there might be some restrictions regarding new accounts and especially within the United States of America, you are bound to find the one that can cover your needs and will make you forget all about Liberty Reserve.


Although Liberty Reserve was a reliable and practical means of paying up everything online, since Liberty Reserve Shut Down there have been tremendous alternations. So, if you are at a dilemma as to which method of payment you can use in order to pay your VPN subscription or proceed with anything else on the web, then you should weigh all your options and be prudent as to the final verdict of yours.

We would recommend that you go ahead with looking out for online options without any restrictions, including WebMoney or PayPal. In addition, your credit card can be used without any problem provided that you make use of all the safety measures related to online payments in general.