Virtru Offering Email Encryption Automatically and Shaking the World of Online Security


Will and John Ackerly have made quite a breakthrough in the field of online encryption with Virtru, the recently launched service that enables emails to be encrypted automatically. Resembling an add-on, it does not need any special handling other than the downloading of the service in the first place and the permission to go through with the encryption that can be given out through the use of a switch on top of your email message. Does this all sound too easy and too good to be true? Well, the two brothers sure hope so but highlight the fact that such a service DOES exist and is free of charge.

The one brother has worked for the NSA and the other has worked for the Government of George W. Bush and such background cannot go unnoticed. On the contrary, it has made them competent to raise enough money and fund their newly launched company, prior to the invasion of angel investors. All at once, it has enabled them to see through the demands of the public for an easy way to keep their private data indeed private. The Ackerly brothers know that most Americans want to take some action towards enhancing their security on the web but do not know the way to do so. Now, with the setting up of Virtru such lack of knowledge ceases to exist as an excuse.

The company now employs well over 35 web developers and tech savvies and this makes things much simpler for the brothers to deal with the ongoing demand of the market. Though the main feature of email encryption comes free of charge, as stated above, there will also be additional layers of security offered at affordable price rates.

With the 2014 being the year of encryption, as people say, it is really great to be able and engage in efforts such as that of the Ackerly brothers or embrace the use of VPN for full data encryption. Encryption is able to preserve our privacy and anonymity and this is actually priceless!