US Researchers in Cryptography and Information Security and Their Open Letter


In January 24th an open letter was published by professors and analysts in the fields of cryptography and information security, where they stress out the dangers lurking behind the mass data collection and the recent revelations targeting NSA. Within the content of this letter, we find that these US researchers have made an effort to analyze the current situation and state the obvious dangers related to the two ambivalent sides. Even though there is apparently the need to act against terrorism and enemies of the State, there is also the need to protect all citizens from lack of privacy online.

In order to limit the vast exploitation of human rights regarding privacy and consensual sharing of personal information, the US researchers highlight the importance of the five principles aiming at the reformation of Government surveillance programs. These principles guarantee that the Government does not cease its monitoring, but does so without putting Democracy at risk.

Concluding, the scientists stick to their beliefs that value our privacy and aim at protecting commerce, innovation in technology and progress without any hidden agendas. They feel the need of sending out an open letter, so that both the Government and the citizens become fully aware of the situation and act accordingly.