Encountering the Difficulties and Watching US Netflix in Uruguay


Netflix in Uruguay Encountering the Difficulties and Watching US Netflix in Uruguay

Most residents in Uruguay were delighted to hear the news of Netflix expanding in Latin America. However, the excitement was far too short and in the end the content of the Latin American version of Netflix was proven far smaller in size. So, the problem with not being able to watch US Netflix in Uruguay still remains unsolved. No matter if you are a local or a foreigner, traveling in Uruguay for business or for pleasure, there is no distinction and you are all forced to watch the Latin American version of Netflix.

Geographical limitations and copyright issues have been holding back all people in Uruguay to enjoy what they have paid for, since for the same amount of money people in the US enjoy all the shows, series, sitcoms and blockbusters they want to. Nonetheless, there is a way for you to watch US Netflix in Uruguay, regardless of your actual location. We can help you with that pretty easily, as you are about to see.

VPN and Wonderful Effects in Your IP

Even though there is the option of using Proxy servers in order to overcome the obstacle of your local IP address and substitute it with another one, these proxies are not that reliable and they can be traced without any serious effort. So, they are not suggested as a trustworthy manner of changing your IP. On the other hand, there is the option of a Virtual Private Network. In this way, you connect to the web making use of any server you want to.

So, there is no problem for you even if you are located in Uruguay. You subscribe to a VPN and you go ahead with downloading its application. For mobile devices, the application is not stored instantly but there is a simple process that is required of you manually. However, in both cases your device will run smoothly and it will be ready to connect to the web via a US based server. This will make you get an American IP address and this will in turn make you appear like you are connecting from somewhere in the US.

This is it! You can now enjoy US Netflix from Uruguay, as well as in every other part of the world. What is great is the fact that your Netflix account from Uruguay will be valid in both cases, either you use the US or the Latin American version of Netflix. So, you can switch servers according to what you want to enjoy in Netflix.

As for the ideal VPN provider for you to have your pick from, we can highly recommend HideMyAss Pro VPN, due to its reliable and steady connection and its wonderful features. It is really affordable to and especially when it comes to 6 month or annual subscriptions.

Whichever VPN you choose to use though, have fun and enjoy US Netflix from Uruguay using the simple steps that we have mentioned above!