How to Watch Netflix in Thailand – Spicy Stuff for You!


Netflix in Thailand How to Watch Netflix in Thailand   Spicy Stuff for You!

Whether you are a tourist visiting Thailand or a local, whether you are a student or a business man in the country for a while, the same rules apply to all. Internet can be a global breakthrough, but some websites are far out of reach for some countries. One fine example is Netflix, which is one of the most popular and best established video streaming services of the planet. The original and by far the best version is the US one, although people in Canada, Latin America, UK and Caribbean can enjoy altered versions with way less content. So, for whatever reason you wish to access Netflix in Thailand, you are prevented from achieving your goal.

On the other hand, we believe that all men should have full and unconditional access to the wealth of the Internet. This has been the driving force for us, during the creation of this guide. Here you can find everything you need, in order to watch Netflix in Thailand. Such information can spice up your online presence and so you had better stick with us. It is worth it, for sure!

VPN and the Benefits Deriving

You must have heard all about the benefits that one can enjoy after subscribing to VPN. The most important benefit is directly linked to online protection. In fact, VPN can guarantee that all your data is fully encrypted. Through such infiltration, hackers, viruses and other malware or stalking attempts fall apart without any success. However, we are going to emphasize on a different benefit that you can enjoy when using VPN right now.

To be more specific, VPN can offer you the chance to substitute your current IP address with any other one, as long as there is the respective server globally that backs up such a substitution. So, in the case when you need to unblock Netflix in Thailand, what you ought to do is go ahead with turning your VPN on (OK, first you have to subscribe to one of the VPN service providers within the global market) and choosing a US based server.

Now, when you check again you will see that you have acquired a US IP address and you can now pass through the gates that offer you access to Netflix. Awesome news! As for VPN of trust and value, HideMyAss is definitely a great option. Not only is it highly affordable, but it offers a wide range of servers located high and low and it includes infinite bandwidth and top speed. Try it out!

Creating a Valid Netflix Account from Thailand

After having made sure that you have been granted access to US Netflix, you are now ready to create an account and enter the spectacular content that the service can provide. Apparently, tourists who have a valid account back home in the States or anyone else who has a Netflix account can freely use the respective details and log in without any further delay. Still, even without such an account, you can create one within a few minutes. Just follow the guidelines listed below.

  1. You sign up for a brand new account making use of a US address (any fake one will do). There is no need to worry about the data you give, because they do not check to see if they are true or false. Just make sure that you use a valid US zip code here.
  2. Continue with the credit card information of yours (typically MasterCard and Visa are acceptable). Alternatively, you can use Netflix gift cards (that you can buy on eBay, Amazon or any other third part supplier like this) or pay with PayPal debit card. This is imperative even for the free trial that you are handed over by Netflix. Of course, once the month is up, the payment will be completed via one of the methods that you have activated in this step.

As you can see, there is nothing complicated about creating a Netflix account and unblocking the content of this fabulous service from Thailand. We hope that you have enjoyed our article and we feel that this will unveil the mystery of many more unblocking attempts over time! Stay tuned and have fun!