How to Watch US Netflix in Serbia – Here’s How!


Netflix in Serbia How to Watch US Netflix in Serbia   Heres How!

Netflix will block access to their server by checking the ip address you use to connect to the internet. When you connect to Netflix they will see that you are trying to connect from Serbia and send you to the “not available in your country” page. So all you need to do to connect to Netflix in Serbia is change over to an American IP address!

Setting up an American IP address for Accessing Netflix in Serbia

This is a much easier process than you might think, switching your IP requires no technical skill and you can be using an American IP address in less than 5 minutes! What you will need is known as a Virtual Private Network. A VPN allows you to connect to a remote server and that is what connects to Netflix (and the rest of the internet for that matter) using a US IP address. This is all you will need to watch Netflix from the great Serbian land!

Which VPN should I use?

Here at Allofvpn, we are experts in VPN we have reviewed 100’s of VPN companies, it is a labor of love for us and they all have their pros and cons. We understand that not everyone loves VPN the way we do and many of you just want to jump right in to streaming Netflix while staying in Serbia.

If you want to get connected to Netflix straight away we recommend going with HideMyAss VPN’s Pro version. HMA Pro VPN is the market leader in VPN, they have over 500+ servers located in 63 countries around the world! They even have a server in Serbia. HideMyAss always offers good speed which is vital when connecting to Netflix.

Signing up for a Netflix Account in Serbia

Turn on your VPN and connect to any server based in the US. Once you have done this browse to the Netflix website and click sign up. Enter a fake US address, using any address you think of, you can Google an American address if you don’t have much imagination US zip codes are 5 digits long, if you can’t think of one you can always use our favorite: 90210.

If you have trouble paying for your Netflix account, just buy yourself a gift card on EBay, Amazon or from third party vendor. We hope this article helped you and you are now happily watching Netflix while sitting somewhere in Serbia. Please feel free to let us know how it went in the comments section below.