How to Watch Netflix in Philippines – Best Guide for Filipinos


Netflix in Philippines How to Watch Netflix in Philippines   Best Guide for Filipinos

Netflix is a wonderful home entertainment alternative for millions of people worldwide. With a great variety in HD videos, it can satisfy even the most demanding palates in the field of online streaming. One thing that we cannot be too happy about though is the fact that Netflix is not open for viewing in all places of the planet.

Why should this be so? Why should not all people have the privilege to watch Netflix from whichever part of the world they feel like doing that? Such questions have been bothering us for far too long, till we have reached an answer.

The answer states that there is something everyone can do towards being accessed to view Netflix. So, even in Philippines when you wish to gain access to Netflix, you will be able to do so through the use of the best VPN for Netflix available within your reach. Come along and see how it goes!

What to Do First of All with VPN

The sole problem that gets in your way and prevents you from viewing Netflix in Philippines is in fact your IP address. Such information reflects your online identity and thus it can wither permit or deny access for you. If you want to overcome the geo-blocked website of Netflix within the Philippines, you ought to change your IP address respectively.

No longer should you appear residing in Philippines, but in the United States. So, what you should do is connect to the web via a US based server. This will automatically offer you an American IP address to make use of. Netflix will identify you as a fellow American and will grant you permission to wander through its contents. That’s it!

Apparently, Netflix is not the only website you can unblock in this way. On the contrary, you can unblock almost everything you set your mind on (be it Hulu, Pandora, Rhapsody, BBC iPlayer and so on). Furthermore, with VPN you have got your back covered when it comes to security. This means that through full data encryption you can sigh with relief and not worry about being spotted by hackers, viruses and other threats (or even the Government). Plus, when using VPN you can get great security while connecting from unsecured hotspots and wi-fi.

VPN and Which Steps to Follow

Of course, you have to choose a reliable VPN provider for being offered all the flexibility that you wish to enjoy. Netflix does require a lot of bandwidth and this is why you need to target unlimited bandwidth and consistent speed rates altogether. Apart from that, you should go for a VPN that allows you to switch servers globally depending on your needs. We can suggest HideMyAss Pro among all of the top VPNs available today that you can get your hands on.

There are step by step guides that allow you to have everything downloaded and installed, being perfectly ready to enjoy the benefits of VPN within flashes of moments. So, VPN subscription is a must have for gaining access to Netflix in Philippines. What is great is that HMA is exceptionally compatible with all mobile devices and OS, with analytic details on using it everywhere. Cool!

How to Set Up an Account with Netflix from Philippines

Now that you have got the whole process of VPN taken care of, the next step is to create a US Netflix account. Of course, if you already have another Netflix version’s account (for instance you have the Latin American Netflix account activated or any other version) you are good to go. If you do not have any though and you need to start from scratch, there is nothing complicated about that.

It is of paramount importance though that you have your VPN activated and that you connect from a US based server, for having a US IP address. Then, you are expected to fill in the registration form with a US address and zip code. The US address should not bother you, since nobody verifies it and therefore you can use any fake one you can Google. However, you will be expected to use a five digit zip code that is valid for the US.

Having done all that, you are ready to pay up and complete the process. You can either use a US credit or debit card (Visa or MasterCard) or go for PayPal payment. If there is trouble with the payment via PayPal, you can first buy a PayPal debit card and then proceed with the payment without any additional problem. Still, the easiest and most reliable solution for paying up for Netflix is through the use of Netflix gift cards that you can buy online easily. Here you go! Everything has been settled and you can enjoy Netflix from the Philippines every single time!