Learn how to Watch US Netflix in Panama


Netflix in Panama Learn how to Watch US Netflix in Panama

Netflix has recently launched its service in many Latin American countries and Panama is no exception. Amongst all the hype of the release one thing has been lost, the Netflix availability in Panama and the other Latin American countries is incredibly limited. If you signed up for the 1 month free trial there is a good chance that you have already watched everything you want to watch on Netflix. Before you cancel your subscription however there is a way for you to access the US Netflix from Panama.

The System that Netflix uses is actually the same for a User in Panama as it is for those in the US. Netflix uses your IP address to locate you and then limits the offering when you log in from Panama. So all you have to do to watch the US Netflix in Panama is to change your IP address.

Setting up VPN to Watch US Netflix in Panama

A VPN is a Virtual Private Network; this allows you to connect to a server located in the United States. There are several companies providing this service in Panama. All you have to do is sign up for a VPN service that has a server in the United States and you will be ready to watch the US Netflix in no time.

The Best VPN available at the moment is HMA (HideMyAss), which has a host of servers in the US and throughout the world. The most important thing for streaming is the speed of the connection and HideMyAss never disappoints. Even on the rare occasion that the connection slows down all you have to do is find another server and get back to watching your favorite content.

Obviously HMA isn’t the sole choice available, but is highly recommended based on our unbiased tests and trials. If you want to explore further, we have a decent number of great VPN service reviews here at AllOfVPN — check them out before you choose your VPN service. If you are anxious to jump right in instead, it is hard to go wrong with the top 3 VPN providers, all of these have dedicated and quality VPN servers all around the world and offer great speed, that’s exactly what’s needed for smooth Netflix streaming in Panama.

Setting up your Netflix account

Since Netflix is available in Panama, all you have to do is setup a local Netflix account in Panama. Then the next time you want to stream, turn on HideMyAss or whatever VPN provider with which you’ve an account, connect to a US server and browse to the Netflix library. You will notice there is tons more content available! We hope you enjoy this approach and please feel free to comment or engage with us through social media. Happy Streaming!