How to Watch Netflix in New Zealand – Awesome Guide for Kiwis!


Netflix in NewZeland How to Watch Netflix in New Zealand   Awesome Guide for Kiwis!

New Zealand might be a great place to live in, but it cannot take credit for having Netflix available for viewing! This is certainly a drawback anyway you look at it, since Netflix is a giant when it comes to home entertainment. With a data base consisting of thousands of movies, series and other shows, Netflix is a delicacy for everyone fancying great online streaming.

Even though the restrictions are applied to New Zealand (and practically for everyone outside the US for the full version of Netflix), there is still a way for you to move past them. Of course, without our guidance you would not have the chance to get such an obstacle outcome. This is our driving force; to help you watch Netflix in New Zealand through the use of the best and most suitable VPN within your hands. Come along!

Make Use of VPN for Watching Netflix from New Zealand

It seems like every time you try to access Netflix from New Zealand, the website identifies you as a Kiwi and thus cannot let you get the permission and enter. Instead, you are displayed a message that informs you of your lack of authorization. What lies beneath the problem is in fact your IP address.

This is the unique number that reflects your online identity and therefore this is the reason why you cannot access Netflix. Due to copyright issues, Netflix does not allow everybody to access the website. So, what you have to do is change your IP address. Of course, the best way to do so would be if you moved to the US. However, since this is not an option for most of you, there is an equally effective alternative!

When you make use of VPN, you can connect to the web using any server you want. So, you simply find a US based server and you connect online using that, automatically being handed over an American IP address. Simple as that! Of course, there are numerous top VPN providers that include a decent number of US servers to choose from. We definitely recommend Hide My Ass Pro, since it is a trustworthy and well established VPN provider with great speed and wonderful all inclusive plans. It is compatible with all OS and most devices, both portable and others.

Creating a Netflix Account from New Zealand

Besides having a VPN subscription, you will need to create a US account in Netflix for entering their website. Of course, if you already have any account with Netflix, it will do. Even if you are a newbie though, things are pretty simple and easy as well. For signing up on Netflix, you will be expected to fill out a form with your personal information.

There, you will have to enter a US address (any fake one will do, do not worry!) and a US zip code (this must be a valid five digit one though but don’t worry you can find on here). Finally, you will be expected to make a payment either using a US credit or debit card or through using a Netflix gift card available to be purchased on a decent number of websites online. If you get into trouble finding a vendor, one of the trusted vendors for Netflix gift cards is this one. PayPal can also work for you and particularly if you purchase a PayPal debit card. Here you go, all set to access Netflix! Enjoy!