Learn How to Watch US Netflix in Jamaica


Netflix in Jamaica Learn How to Watch US Netflix in Jamaica

Netflix is the most popular movie streaming service in the world. It has now been made available in most Latin American Countries, including Jamaica. Sadly the amount of content available to subscribers in Jamaica is very limited. Most of the TV shows and Movies that are available in the US are not available to Jamaicans. Many people find that once their one month trial is over, they have seen everything they want to see on Netflix.

Change your Location with VPN

The only thing you will really need to do to watch Netflix in Jamaica is to hide your IP address from the Netflix server. This is easily achieved thanks to the VPN companies operating throughout the world. Virtual Private Network companies will allow you to access a US based server before you start browsing online. This is great not only for streaming Netflix in Jamaica, but also as a way of keeping your internet traffic safe and private.

What’s the Best VPN to Go With

There are so many VPN companies that it can be very difficult to choose one. The easiest answer to this conundrum is HideMyAss pro VPN. They offer connection speeds, lots of server located in over 55 countries and reasonable pricing HideMyAss Pro VPN is the most popular VPN Company for a reason. It is also pretty simple to install and use, just download HMA app, enter your login details and you can connect to their servers all over the world.

Signing up for Netflix

You can sign up for the Jamaican version of Netflix then simply connect to a US server, hit refresh, and Netflix will show you all of its lovely US content! GO enjoy everything that Netlix has to offer! Hopefully this article has helped you to connect to the US Netflix full videos from Jamaica; please feel free to let us know what you thought in the comments section below.