Get to Watch US Version of Netflix in Italy Today


Italy Netflix Get to Watch US Version of Netflix in Italy Today

You can’t help falling in love with Italy the moment that you set your foot on its ground. Not only for the historic monuments and the great beauty that it gives out, but also for the spectacular cuisine, the music and the people! Oh, the people! How wonderfully friendly they are, laughing out loud and waving their hands up and down when they talk! These people have been the driving force for us when we started out this guide. They are entitled to unique video streaming services and Netflix is the best option for everyone in this field.

So, why should Netflix be off limits for countries such as Italy? Why should an Italian not be able to enjoy HD online streaming in Netflix, with great series and shows, if he wanted to subscribe to such a service? Sadly though, copyright issues and conflicts have made it impossible for people outside the US to watch Netflix (with some versions available in Canada and Latin America, but without the glamorous content of the US version). Still, we are the bearers of awesome news as to how to watch US Netflix in Italy and we are about to share such news with you, guys!

Accessing Netflix in Italy via VPN

As its name suggests, VPN is actually the full form of Virtual Private Network. Through such a subscription, you will be able to connect to the web using any server of your liking. How is that a useful thing to do? Well, it is of paramount importance, if you get to think that you have been restricted from watching Netflix due to your IP address.

This number has been letting every website know that you reside in Italy. So, when you choose to use a US based server you will automatically get a US IP address too. Consequently, Netflix will think you are one of them and will let you pass, entering and wandering round your options for online streaming.

This is it! You do not have to do anything else or engage in something too expensive or complicated to install and make use of. Instead, you simply choose one among the top VPNs available within our reach and you pick an affordable subscription that meets your needs. If we were to choose, then Hide My Ass Pro would be our top option, hands down. With servers in over 63 countries and with great speed at all times, there is really no reason why you should not pick this provider for your VPN subscription.

Setting Up a US Netflix Account

Once you are given permission to enter due to your US IP address, you will be expected to sign up. It is true that if you have got a US Netflix account (because you are a tourist who lives in the US traveling in Italy, an expat having just relocated and so forth) or any other Netflix account, this will do for you. However, if you are a newcomer you will have to set up a US Netflix account right from the start.

There is nothing complicated about that either, no worries! If you run into any trouble though, you are more than welcome to our article on how to get a US Netflix account outside US for step by step instructions. If you don’t have one already, just create your US Netflix account and you are in! Enjoy!