Successfully Unblock and Watch US Netflix in Ireland


Netflix in Ireland Successfully Unblock and Watch US Netflix in Ireland

Even though there is the option for the Irish residents to watch Netflix, the Irish version is not at all satisfactory when compared with the US version of Netflix. This is why so many people have been asking to find out if there is a way for them to overcome such an obstacle and be able to watch US Netflix in Ireland. The truth is that there is a solution that lies beneath the use of IP alteration, so that you appear to connect to the web from the US rather than from Ireland. So, let us show you how you can do that promptly and efficiently, you have got no problem whatsoever during your attempt to enjoy wonderful online streaming of Netflix and ALL what Netflix has to offer – once you’re done!

US Netflix in Ireland – VPN Working Wonders for You

The only problem with you accessing US Netflix from Ireland is your IP address, as we have stated above. So, the solution can only come through substituting your Irish IP address with another one deriving from a US based server.

In this way, you can be a US resident within moments and there will be no restriction as to your online streaming. You can benefit from the simple process of getting to subscribe to a VPN provider that has been proven to work wonderfully and offer reliability and affordability, great response times and the option of changing servers automatically due to traffic.

HideMyAss is our most solid example of such a great VPN provider, as it has never failed us in our tests. There is an application that is installed either in your PC or your Mac without requesting any action of you. However, HideMyAss is also compatible with all mobile devices.

The only thing is that you are expected to configure the installation manually, changing your location regarding iTunes/app store so as to be located in the US. Another wonderful option is for you to enjoy US Netflix from Ireland on your Apple TV. As for the Netflix account of yours, it is used in any version of Netflix so you do not need to worry about paying extra money so as to watch US Netflix. However, if you do not hold an account you can create one being located in Ireland and then switch to the US via your VPN provider.