Learn to Watch US Netflix in Iceland with Ease


Netflix in Iceland Learn to Watch US Netflix in Iceland with Ease

If you are looking for online entertainment through series and shows, then Netflix is definitely your number one selection. This is why millions of people have been choosing to enjoy its online content, offering unique value for money for under 8 dollars per month. However, its content is typically not available for viewing all over the world.

There are versions of Netflix for Latin America, the Caribbean and Ireland to name a few. But their content cannot be compared to the original US Netflix. If you are in a place such as Iceland now and you want to enjoy Netflix without any problem, then you ought to aim at gaining access to US Netflix from Iceland. We will give you a clue about how to do that.

Putting VPN into Effect

Once you connect to the web, you are automatically provided with a unique IP address. This is given to you by your ISP (which means your Internet Service Provider) and in this way websites can identify your exact location. Now, if you want to fake your location then you need to come up with a way that allows you to use a different ISP and as a result a different IP address.

VPN can take pride in doing that among many other fascinating benefits it can offer you. So, once you have subscribed to a reliable VPN provider and you have installed its application, you can choose the server that you are going to use for your connection.

For instance, in this case you would need a US based server so that you appeared to be a US resident. Since not all VPN providers are identical, we can recommend without any second thought the use of HideMyAss Pro as your VPN of preference. It has got the bandwidth that you need so as to enjoy online streaming to the fullest.

At the same time, it has got numerous US based servers and you can change them according to their traffic without any delay. You can enjoy its automatically installed HMA app for both PCs and Mac, whereas in mobile devices you can easily set up everything manually. There are detailed instructions sent to you, as well as a wonderful live chat all day long.

Once you have connected to the US based server, you can sign up for Netflix. Just write down a fake address and name. The only thing you have to pay attention to is your five digit code, where you are suggested to write down 90210 to get it over with. From then on, you can benefit from the one month free trial of Netflix or you can buy yourself a subscription.

You will use a US credit card or a gift card sold on eBay and many other online vendors, and the same applies to the mobile application of iTunes that you need to change to a US account through the use of the respective gift card. Enjoy your streaming and watch US Netflix in Iceland with these simple steps!