Want to Watch Netflix in Honduras? Discover Here How!


Netflix in Honduras Want to Watch Netflix in Honduras? Discover Here How!

Watching Netflix in Honduras is often a frustrating experience. Due to the deals Netflix has made with the US film and Television industry many of the titles are not available from outside of the US. The offering in Honduras is irritating and many people simply cancel their subscription after the free trial expires.

If you are frustrated with the Honduran Netflix than it may be time to change to the US version. The US version of Netflix has a huge library of films and TV shows. To gain access to it all you have to do is to convince Netflix that you are connecting from within the United States.

To do this all you need to do is change your IP address. Getting a US IP address is incredibly easy and requires no technical skill whatsoever. Read through the rest of this article and you will be gaining access to the US Netflix in Honduras in no time.

Setting up VPN to watch Netflix in Honduras

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, there a wide range of companies offering VPN services that allow you to mask your IP address and make it appear that you are in any country in the world. The leader in offering VPN services is called Hide My Ass (yeah you heard it right, name sounds cheeky).

With HMA you can connect to a server in the US (or anywhere else in the world) and your internet traffic will remain encrypted to the world. Connecting to a US HideMyAss server will allow you to watch US Netflix in Honduras with no choppiness or buffering issues, due to the large number of High Speed connections that HMA offers.

Signing up to the US Netflix in Honduras

Since Netflix is available in Honduras, all you need to do is sign up for a normal account. Then when you want to view US content just connect to Netflix with HMA connected to a US service. Voila you now have access to Netflix’s entire US library.

Can I connect with my Ipad, Iphone etc.?

Absolutely, HideMyAs Pro as well as all top VPN service providers have detailed setup instructions for lots of mobile devices! Free mobile apps are being provided by them, too.

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