How to Watch Netflix in Germany – Ein, Zwei, Drei and You’re In!


Netflix in Germany How to Watch Netflix in Germany   Ein, Zwei, Drei and You’re In!

For anyone who does not know about Netflix, let us just state the obvious; it is one of the most popular on demand services in the whole wide world and its millions of subscribers can speak louder than words! However, such great content is Geo-blocked and thus it is not available for viewing everywhere. Of course, we get it that there are licensing agreements and stuff, but it is quite a pity for all those who cannot access such a great option in home entertainment.

Against the odds and with the certainty that all people are entitled to having fun, we have created guides leading to the unblocking the Netflix in countries where such a service is not still available. One such guide is the article that you are reading about the Germans. Below, you are going to find all the info you need as to how to watch Netflix in Germany. Yes, it is possible and we will show you how!

VPN and Unblocking Netflix in Germany

When you are in Germany and you want to access Netflix, you are displayed with a message that states clearly: “Sorry, Netflix is not available in your country yet”. Well, you have got two different choices upon reading such a note. You can either enter your email address for the people in Netflix to inform you if their service ever becomes available or you can go our way and use VPN.

With the use of VPN, you can substitute your current IP address with any other one of your liking. The process of such an amendment is completed through the selection of respective servers that are located globally and are part of the VPN provider. So, from Germany you can choose a US based server from VPN and get to obtain a US IP address. This will allow you to access Netflix in Germany without any further to do.

Apparently, you can have your pick among a great many top VPN providers universally. Still, our top option remains HideMyAss Pro VPN, as it can offer you everything you need when it comes to online streaming. You can enjoy the variety of US based servers (and other placed in 63 countries!) that never fail your need for pure and smooth performance of the finest quality. It also includes a 30 day full money refund guarantee, which eliminates all risks as to the services you get.

How to Create an Account for Netflix from Germany

The first barrier has been breached and we have now entered the website of Netflix. Now, how can we access its content? Well, the truth is that we need to create a Netflix account. For those of you who already have such an account (because you are expats, because you have been living in the US or you are students and tourists just visiting Germany and so forth), you can use that. In addition, any other Netflix version’s account will do.

So, even if you have got a Netflix account for Latin American and Canadian Netflix, it can work just fine. If you don’t have any though, there are some detailed guidelines on how to get a US Netflix account outside us. Follow these guidelines and you will be able to gain access to Netflix even sooner than you would have expected. Good luck, enjoy your online streaming dear German fellows!