Discover How You Can Watch US Netflix in El Salvador


Netflix in El Salvador Discover How You Can Watch US Netflix in El Salvador

If you live in El Salvador, it is highly likely that you got some disappointment at the very same moment when Netflix become streaming there. It is true that there is no comparison between the US version and the Latin American version of Netflix, with the former one being much wealthier in both quality and quantity of content.

So, people in El Salvador seem frustrated at the thought of not being able to keep up with the content that they have been hoping for in Netflix. On the bright side now, we can show you how to unblock US Netflix from El Salvador and enjoy your online streaming to the fullest.

Start Using a VPN for IP Substitution

When you connect online and you try to watch Netflix, your IP address reveals the secret of your exact location. This number of yours is unique and it has got to do with your ISP or in other words with your Internet Service Provider. Being located in El Salvador, you are immediately redirected to the respective version of Netflix.

Netflix Discover How You Can Watch US Netflix in El Salvador

So, in order to watch US Netflix from El Salvador you ought to get an American IP address. This can happen through the use of VPN. You subscribe to the VPN provider of your preference, you install the application either in your PC or your Mac and you connect to a US based server.

As a result, you are regarded as an American and you gain access to the US content of Netflix. If you make use of a mobile device, you will need to manually install the application of your VPN but there are detailed instructions included in an email that confirms your subscription.

If you want to watch something in the Latin American Netflix, you simply change your IP address and you succeed in getting an IP address from El Salvador. If you do not have a Netflix account in either one of the countries, you can instantly get Netflix account for Latin America and make use of the same account for US content without fail. Simply because every single Netflix account is universal!

What’s the most reliable VPN for unblock Netflix from El Salvador?

As for the most reliable VPN provider, the truth is that you need to be really careful in your selection process. After all, Netflix requires a lot of bandwidth and not all VPN providers can offer you that.

HideMyAss! Pro has impressed us throughout all our trials due to its consistency, its stable speed and its affordability. You can benefit a great deal from its long term subscriptions that will make you save a great deal of money. So, have your pick and start enjoying US Netflix in El Salvador without delay!