The Way to Watch US Netflix in Costa Rica


Watch Netflix in Costa Rica The Way to Watch US Netflix in Costa Rica

Netflix has finally been rolled out to Latin American Countries including Costa Rica. Many Costa Ricans are finding that once they sign up for the service, they are disappointed with the amount of content available to them. The Entire Netflix library is not available to users outside of the United States. This is annoying because the US Netflix is a great service. So how do you gain access to the US Netflix in Costa Rica we hear you ask?

Well it is really quite easy. When you connect to Netflix, your IP address tells Netflix that you are connecting from Costa Rica. The easiest way to get around this is to Change your IP address. Using a service called VPN, you can connect to a server in the United States and that server’s IP is the one that Netflix will see when you log in. This will allow you access to the US version Netflix from Costa Rica.

Setting up VPN to watch US Netflix while in Costa Rica

A VPN provider will allow you access to their servers for a modest fee. Once you have connected to the company’s server this is the IP that will be seen over the internet, keeping all of your internet traffic encrypted and convincing sites like Netflix that you are in the US.

The VPN service that we recommend is HMA (HideMyAss) Pro, HMA pro has servers located in over 50 countries around the world. The high number of potential connections in the US means that the speed of your connection will never drop, and this is particularly important when you are streaming content.

Connecting to US Netflix from Costa Rica

Since Netflix is already available in Costa Rica, all you have to do is sign up for an account without using VPN. Then when you connect to Netflix, turn on HideMyAss and connect to an US server and you will have access to the full Netflix Library!

We hope you enjoyed this article and are already streaming your favorite content! Please let us know about your experiences with connecting to Netflix from the Costa Rica in the comments section.

Happy Netflixing!