Want to Watch US Netflix in Chile? Discover How Here!


Netflix in Chile1 Want to Watch US Netflix in Chile? Discover How Here!

As you people already know Chile is one of the lucky countries that have access to Netflix. Unfortunately many Chileans are finding that the Netflix version available to them is quite limited once they sign up. This is down to the deals that Netflix have done with the US film distributors regarding intellectual rights. The US version of Netflix has a much more comprehensive library of films and television.

Netflix accounts are universal, so once you have an account in Chile it is incredibly easy to get connected to the US Netflix. Netflix decides what area you are connecting from by checking your IP address. If your IP address shows Netflix that you are connecting from Chile then you will be shown the Chilean library. So the best thing to do is to connect from a US IP address.

Changing to a US IP Address using VPN

A VPN service (virtual private network) allows you to connect to a server based in the United States. When you connect to Netflix it will be the company’s server that connects to Netflix. Netflix will then offer you the US content. There are several VPN companies all over the world. The Market Leader is a company called HideMyAss. HMA (HideMyAss) Pro VPN has a huge number of servers and always has great connection speed. Connection speed is vital if you are using VPN to connect to a streaming service like Netflix.

Setting up HMA for unblocking Netflix from Chile is simple; all you need to do is sign up for their service and install the app. From then on just start up your app and connect to a US server, they also have an option to connect to any random server in the US which will offer you the server with the best connection.

Watching the US Netflix in Chile from a Mobile device

HideMyAss offers a large range of installation instructions for mobile devices; they even have an app for android users. So whatever device you use to connect to Netflix this trick should help you out. Hopefully this article was helpful and you are now happily browsing the US Netflix in Chile. Please feel free to give us your feedback in the comments section below, if you’ve any!