Unblocking US Netflix in Barbados – Upgrading Your Options


Netflix in Barbados Unblocking US Netflix in Barbados   Upgrading Your Options

Netflix is a remarkable video streaming service that includes HD videos and wonderful options for online streaming. The depressing news is the fact that only US version of Netflix is wealthy in quality and content as a whole. All the other versions (like that in Latin America, Canada and UK) are inferior and cannot keep up with the original. This is the case when you access Netflix in Barbados. OK, it is still better than having no access at all to Netflix – but why should you settle for that?

This is what we have thought and therefore we are proud to present you with the guidelines, in order to unblock US Netflix in Barbados. Read on and you will find everything you need!

Guidelines on Unblocking US Netflix in Barbados

When you visit Netflix from the Barbados, you will automatically be offered the Caribbean version instead of what you want most. Your IP address is the unique detail that lets Netflix and all other geo-restricted websites know where you are at the time. So, if you are determined to unblock US Netflix, you need to conceal such an IP address. What is more, you need to find a US IP address to make use of. Do not think that such a substitution is impossible, because VPN will prove you wrong!

With the use of VPN, you can change your IP address. The only requirement for you to do so is to subscribe to one of the best VPN providers within your reach and turn it on. Then, you choose a server that is located somewhere in the United States and you visit Netflix. Yes, you are in! Of course a reliable VPN provider for us would be HideMyAss Pro VPN. It can help you out with the abundant US servers and IP addresses, with the superb tech support and with the infinite bandwidth – packed with great speed rates! What more can you ask of VPN?

Will I Need a New Netflix Account?

Well, the answer to this question will certainly thrill you. Well, you won’t! If you have a Netflix account for the Caribbean version of Netflix, this is valid internationally and for all the versions. Based on your IP address, as soon as you log in you can be redirected to the respective version. Apparently, if you wish to watch something on the Caribbean version of Netflix, you can do that pretty easily. You just switch your VPN off or you choose a different server from Barbados or the Caribbean in general.

So with the detailed information above, we conclude our guide as to how you can unblock US Netflix from Barbados. We hope that you have found the guide satisfactory and we do wish that you enjoy Netflixing a lot.