Get US iTunes Account Outside US, Worldwide – On All Devices


US iTunes Account Outside US1 Get US iTunes Account Outside US, Worldwide   On All Devices

If you already have an iTunes account you must be wondering, why do I need an US iTunes account when anyone can open an iTunes account from anywhere in the world? Well, there are several things that you need to know about iTunes so that you understand exactly why you need a US account.

Now, while iTunes allows you to download and pay for music and videos online, it also allows you to buy download apps for other entertainment sites. Most of these sites are exclusive to US users, and therefore you need an American iTunes account in order to download from them. Some of these sites include Hulu, Netflix, Amazon and Pandora. If you want to be able to access these apps from the iTunes store, the only option open to you is to get a iTunes account outside US.

Step #1

First of all create new account – download iTunes from and if you already have an iTunes account, log out completely.

Step #2

Get a VPN connection. Now, a VPN connection is necessary because we need to be able to place ourselves in the US, virtually, before we can own a US iTunes account. To get a VPN connection, you will have to register with a reputable VPN provider. Good VPN provider is one who will give you unlimited bandwidth, security and a wide range of IP addresses to choose from.

A good provider, especially for the purposes of getting a US iTunes account is HideMyAss. The provider is affordable, reliable and well-suited for our activity. When you have your VPN connection – in our case a HideMyAss connection in place, choose a US IP address so that your computer now appears like it is being used in the US.

Step #3

Scroll down your iTunes account and choose the US flag, to indicate that you are in the US. With a VPN connection placing you in the US, the flag should automatically be US but since your cookies might place you in your real location, make sure that you check the US flag manually.

Step #4

At this point, you need to create your new account. Now, the trick here is to not go to account creation on iTunes directly. Instead, go and try to download an app. The iTunes app will realize that you do not have an account and prompt you to register one. When registering, make sure that you enter a valid US address. Search online for one. iTunes only needs that as a reference and so it does not have to belong to anyone you know.

Step #5

The last step is paying for the iTunes account. Now, make sure that you do not pay with a credit card that has not been issued for use in the US. A global credit work will not work. If you do not have a US issued credit card, get an iTunes gift cards from e-bay or any other trusted vendor and redeem it to pay for your new account.

You are now good to go. Congratulations, you now have a US iTunes account outside US and the world of entertainment in all its glory and splendor is at your feet.