University of Maryland Has Been Hacked and More than 300,000 Social Security Numbers Have Been Compromised


Another security breach has been just brought to light, leaving great concern over sensitive data interception. To be more precise, the University of Maryland has just announced that there has been a security breach affecting students from back in 1998. The total number of people that have been under compromise regarding their social security number and other critical info stretches up to 300,000.

The reason why anyone should worry about the data breach is evident and has to do with the difficulty level of the overall hacking attempt. This is no ordinary case where somebody takes advantage of some sort of deficiency in a system and accesses top secret information. In this case, there has been no other change in the University’s system other than the copy of the personal information of everyone with a University ID card. This includes the professors, other staff and of course the students of the University.

Wallace D. Loh, President of the University of Maryland, expressed his regret for such a discomforting incident through a letter published on the official webpage of the University and promised to offer free credit monitoring for a whole year to anyone with compromised information deriving from such a breach. Cyber security is of primary importance to the University and the multiple layers of encryption and SSL certificates can prove of that. This is yet even more alarming, since the breach highlights that somebody has made quite a fuss for getting in and accessing those files with utter success.