UnBlock US Review – What’s Better, VPNs or Unblock US?


Unblock US UnBlock US Review   Whats Better, VPNs or Unblock US?

Most of the reviews here on our site are for VPN services or VPN reviews but there is a different way to access media streaming from outside of the United States. Unblock US is an alternative to VPN services that allows you to run a DNS query through their own server.

Unblock US because of its DNS allows you to mask your location to specific sites. This is good if you are looking to watch Netflix or similar sites but doesn’t work effectively when compared with other VPN uses.

Unblock US have a good website that is simple to navigate and they are obviously well focused on user experience. One of the things that we liked in our review about this service is the simple offering of an all-inclusive service for $4.99 per month, which makes it easy to understand and the product is quite easy to use.

The Service seems to work very well, and Unblock Us seems to work even faster than many VPN servers. Sites like Netflix and Hulu stream incredibly well since your connection itself is not rerouted to another server just your DNS. The downside of this is that the only sites you can use for Unblock US are the sites that they have pre-approved. To be fair there are quite a lot of sites.

Unblock US seems to be a good option for those who are looking for quick and simple access to Netflix and other services across a range of platforms. Consoles, TV’s Mobile devices and Routers; Unblock US has detailed installation guides for every one of them. Although we didn’t test them all – the ones we did worked perfectly.

The region specific sites included are fairly decent but your internet traffic is not encrypted the way it is behind a VPN service. The only real advantage to Unblock US is speed as it is not much cheaper than a VPN service. If you are struggling to stream because the VPN you use is not fast enough then Unblock US.

Unblock Us also offers a free trial for seven days, so you can always try it out and see if it suits you.

Verdict of the Review

All in all Unblock US is a pretty decent service but we will be sticking with traditional VPNs as they offer better security, range of uses and reliability all round. Considering additional benefits of a VPN, it goes without questioning that you should better go with a top VPN service provider like HideMyAss from UK as an alternative to Unblock Us.